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Implications of PCN-Format of CLP Article 45 for Product Notifications

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published the technical format for reports to poison centres (according to CLP Article 45)! The new PCN-Format is based on the internationally harmonised IUCLID format. This article explores the effects the new format will have on industry. IUCLID format for product notifications Contrary to the preliminary draft, the new […]

New version of the free opesus UFI generator available

We have released a new version of the opesus UFI Generator for SAP EHSM customers. With the new version, Unique Form Identifiers (UFI) can be generated and stored automatically in SAP EHSM. Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) As part of product notifications according to CLP Article 45, the UFI will gradually become mandatory from 2020 onwards. […]

Future of Nordic Product Registers in context of CLP Art. 45

The Nordic Product Registers are among the most extensive chemical product registers in the world in terms of required information as well as quantity of registered products and substances. Well over 2,000 companies are obliged to report to the national authorities annually.  Recent developments regarding legislation and the use of technology raise the question about […]