Latest Release of opesus EPN Version 4.1 for SCIP Database

From January 2021, users must submit notifications in the SCIP database format to the ECHA Portal. The newest release of opesus EPN is fully packed with new features that help companies meet their SCIP reporting obligations in the most efficient way possible! Here’s an overview of some of the newly added features. Read more

ECHA SCIP IT User Group on March 25th, 2021

Missed the ECHA SCIP IT User Group meeting or curious to see what was discussed? Here are the highlights and a quick summary. Read more

Fraunhofer IZM: Working Group on Legally Compliant Environmental Management in the Electronics Industry – 52nd Meeting

We are honored that we had the opportunity to present together with our customer, Kärcher. We presented at the recent meeting of the Fraunhofer IZM working group on legally compliant environmental management in the electronics industry. Read more

SCIP Database ECHA IT User Group Meeting On 28th January 2021

As a member of the SCIP ECHA IT User Group, we were looking forward to the first meeting in 2021. Here are some highlights! Read more

Support for the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss

We are happy to be able to support organizations that do good and valuable work in aid projects with our Christmas Charity and in the name of our customers. We are also thankful for the positive feedback we receive from you on this project. This year we are happy to have made a donation to The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss, an organization which aims to make a direct and lasting impact on young children living in developing countries who are deaf or hard of hearing by establishing the early identification, hearing technology, local professional expertise, and resources these children need to learn to listen and speak and achieve their full potential. Read more

Turn of the Year 2020/2021: Looking Back and Looking Out

Say what you want about 2020, but this year was special. It demanded strong nerves, flexibility, and creative thinking from everyone at opesus. Qualities that we cultivated before and always like to use. Nevertheless, we were forced to approach the year in a different way than we were used to. We look back at 2020 with some wistfulness about missed personal encounters and the limitations that we had overcome. On the other hand, we are happy about the things that we managed and implemented together despite the challenges – with success, fun, and our personal touch.

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opesus Team Week and a Look at Sustainability

In our virtual Winter Office Week, we once again dealt with many exciting topics. One session was dedicated to sustainability – a topic that is important to us. We also want to live up to our company name: opesus is made up of the words operative and sustainability. Good reasons to take a fresh look at old patterns of behavior and decide on some innovations to improve on our sustainability.

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EPN PCN 4.0.00 Now Available

With less than a month to go to the first Poison Center Notification deadline, opesus EPN for PCN format version 4.0.00 brings with it several great new features and improvements. This include small improvements that bring great convenience, such as being able to view, with one click, the submitted dossier directly in the ECHA Submission Portal. Read on to see the other new features available. Read more

EPN for SCIP 4.0.00 Brings More Process Automation Features

We just released the latest version of our EHS Product Notification for the EU SCIP Format. Version 4.0.00 includes several great new features and improvements, including enhanced article search capabilities, improved management of Confidential Business Information, and handling of SCIP numbers. Read on to see the other new features available for creating and managing SCIP dossiers with EPN. Read more

50 Days Left to PCN Deadline – ECHA Announces Enforcement

There are 50 days left to the first poison centre compliance date. ECHA announced in their latest newsletter that, in addition to national measures, the Enforcement Forum will focus on this obligation in a pilot project, starting mid-2022. Read more