Product and Poison Centre Notifications Conference 2020 supported by VCI

With the support of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), opesus AG holds a conference on

  • CLP Article 45 (Poison Centre Notifications, PCN)
  • SCIP database according to the Waste Framework Directive

This conference is for customers of SAP.

The 2019 opesus event focused on CLP Article 45 was a huge success, attracting almost a 100 participants. We have expanded the scope this time by adding the SCIP database as topic. We expect around 150 participants.

Date and Time

18th and 19th of May 2020

Day 1: Regulation and business

Day 2: Software and opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN)


Hotel Maritim Frankfurt

Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3

60486 Frankfurt am Main



This event is for SAP customers that are obliged to submit notifications to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The afternoon of day 1 and all of day 2 is running in two separate tracks.

  • For downstream users (including producers) and importers of chemical mixtures, according to CLP Article 45 (Poison Centre Notifications – PCN). Learn more at ECHA PCN website.
  • For manufacturers and importers of articles, according to the Waste Framework Directive, into the SCIP Database. SCIP stands for Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products). Learn more at ECHA SCIP website.

Participants will get practical advice on how to deal with the challenges ahead:

  • Get advice and best practice tips from industry leaders and SAP experts to meet your regulatory requirements
  • Collaborate and learn more about your obligations as well as available guidelines and tools
  • Benefit from our experience with ongoing implementations of opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN) and ECHA pilot projects
  • Talk to a range of different actors of the supply chain including process and discrete industry
  • Learn about the roadmap and support of additional regulations in EPN – come discuss and innovate with us!
  • Get ready for the submission deadlines in 2021


We look forward to the following speakers:

  • Tommy Hägg, European Chemicals Agency ECHA
  • Ferrán Villar García, European Chemicals Agency ECHA
  • ?, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung BfR (requested)
  • Sabine Hausmann, FUCHS PETROLUB SE
  • Ulrich Brinkmeier-Hahn, The Linde Group
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Rommel, bifa environmental institute, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
  • Ralf Coenning, SAP SE

Conference language

The conference language is English.

Event Fee

The registration fee is 490 €.

Participants that register for day 1 only pay 390 €.

Fees are excluding VAT.

Registration and Accommodation

Registration of the event and booking of accommodation in the conference hotel will be possible 27th of January.

About opesus and opesus EHS Product Notification

Since 2013, we at opesus have been dealing with product notifications to poison centres. More than 60 customers have decided to rely on opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN) to create and submit Poison Centre Notifications according to CLP Article 45 from their SAP system to the ECHA. 8 out of the top 10 chemical producers in Germany are among the customers. This makes EPN the leading solution on the market. EPN will support notifications to SCIP database.


  • Is an active participant in the ECHA IT User Groups for CLP Article 45 and for the SCIP Database (Waste Framework Directive).
  • Participates together and on behalf of the VCI in the ECHA pilot project for the PCN format.
  • Works with several national authorities.
  • Is represented in various SAP EHS user groups, particularly the VCI group for EHS IT systems. Markus Pogrzeba from opesus is the co-chair of the SAP EHS and Product Compliance user group of DSAG (German SAP user group).
  • Coordinates regularly with product management and development teams of SAP.