Following the SCIP Track at the opesus Product and Poison Centres Notification Virtual Conference 2020

The goal to look from all angles at upcoming regulatory requirements and possible solutions for the notification of products (including the notification to the SCIP database) was achieved for sure at the opesus Product and Poison Centres Notification Virtual Conference 2020 on May 18th and 19th. Attendees got informative contents, interesting presentations and enjoyed the relaxed course of the whole event. Since almost all the 140 participants stayed online until the very end of the Q&A and collaboration sessions, a large part of the current questions on the topic could be collected and answered.

Day 1: Common Track and a split-up in two Tracks for the afternoon

CEO Alexander Wegener started the event with a warm welcome to all participants and a short voting on their countries of origin. Also, the best Conference Box contents were rated (spoiler: the coffee chocolates won).

the mini-voting on participants’ countries of origin

Afterwards, the morning session started with essential information from Tommy Hägg, ECHA, and Ralf Coenning as speaker for SAP.

For the following time the event was divided into two separate tracks – PCN and SCIP. Participants of the SCIP track started with essentials: Ferrán Villar García (ECHA) showed the interface of the SCIP database and gave an overview of the requirements for reporting. Julia Klauß (opesus) then explained similarities and differences between SCIP, REACH and EU RoHS as well as relevant data exchange formats. The last presentation before the Q&A session was given by Jan Severijns (CommScope) who presented possible strategies to comply with the notification requirement. All questions that could not be answered directly after the respective presentations were then taken up and discussed in the Q&A session.

Day 2: following the SCIP Track:

On day 2, Lulu Vogt and Rafael Machado from opesus led through the SCIP Track. It started off in the morning with Andreas Müller’s presentation on the history of product compliance in the SAP environment. Dr. Schön from Airbus shared experiences on challenges that SCIP reporting brings for Airbus. In his subsequent contribution on the IPC data exchange format 1752B, Dr. Aidan Turnbull (Sphera) also emphasized to not underestimate the effort that can already be involved in the preparation of the notification.

In the afternoon, Product Owner Matt Dion (opesus) presented the opesus EPN SCIP format and the integration possibilities with SAP EHSM. Together with Andreas Müller (opesus), Matt Dion then led through the collaboration session, which enabled a joint discussion on the most pressing issues. We are pleased that this opportunity for exchange was so well received and that we were able to gain many insights into problems and suggestions.

Many thanks to all speakers, participants and contributors

We would like to thank all participants for the great interest in our conference and all their contributions to the discussion. We also like to thank all speakers who invested their time and energy to deliver great presentations, informing the participants and answering all asked questions. Last but not least we would like to say thank you for the commitment of all Opesians! It was an entertaining 2-day event, which received great feedback from participants and was enjoyed very much. Many thanks for making it happen!

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