Solutions Complementing SAP EHS Management

Complement and Extend
SAP EHS Management with the goal of Operative Sustainability

Our products are designed to enhance the capabilities of SAP EHS Management. We combine our technical expertise with our inside knowledge of SAP product development to provide high-quality solutions to our customers.

It is our declared goal that all our products

have a sound architecture and are well designed

are beautifully coded and tested well

can be installed and run without modifications to the SAP standard

provide well-thought and refined user interfaces making them a joy to use

opesus EHS Product Notification

ScopeExtracts data from (configurable) SAP EHS sources to convert to XML format required by German and Swiss authorities. Also supports the EU Poison Centres Notification format. Guides users through data maintenance. Manage and track notifications.
ExtendsSAP EH&S Product Safety
SAP EHS Management
RegulationsWaste Framework Directive (WFD), SCIP Database
Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP), Article 45
Chemicals Act (Hazardous Mixtures and Biocides)
Detergent and Cleaning Agents Act
EU – CLP Art. 45
EU – Waste Framework Directive
BenefitsReliably fulfill notification duties
Reduced effort for compliance

opesus UFI Generator

ScopeSAP EHSM customers can use the opesus UFI Generator to generate UFI for their products within their SAP system.
ExtendsSAP EH&S Product Safety
RegulationsRegulation (EC) No 1272/2008 Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP), Article 45
BenefitsNo external web services need to be connected
Automated processes possible

opesus EHSM Smart Input

ScopeSupport several scenarios for mass data entry and update
Bulk certificates
Regulatory updates
Legacy data migration
ExtendsSAP EHS Management
Health & Safety
BenefitsReduce efforts significantly
Reduce time to compliance
Lower risk of wrong data entry
Higher user satisfaction and acceptance

opesus Product Compliance Essentials

ScopeComplete package to quickly and efficiently implement SAP EHSM Product Compliance
Project Methodology
ExtendsSAP EHS Management
Product Compliance for Discrete Industries
BenefitsReduce implementation time – 4 months to productive use
Reduced implementation effort
Higher solution quality
Higher user satisfaction and acceptance