EHS Product Notification for Swiss BAG Format


opesus EPN for Swiss BAG Format

opesus EPN is a comprehensive solution that supports the end-to-end process of submitting notifications to the Swiss Chemical Product Register in the BAG format.

Certain chemical products that are placed on the Swiss market are subject to the obligation of notification, registration or to authorization. This is outlined in articles 48 to 54 of the Swiss Ordinance on Protection Against Dangerous Substances and Preparations (ChemO). Preparations must be reported within 3 months after first placing them on the market.

Over 60 companies are using opesus EHS Product Notification to create dossiers. With our software you can:

  • Create dossiers for notification that are compliant with the BAG format
  • Track the status of your notifications
  • Manage user access in managing notifications

If you’re using SAP EH&S and are still searching for software to support you with the requirements of the Swiss Chemical Product Register, contact us!

About the Swiss ChemO

What is the legal basis for the obligation to register or notify?

The legal basis for the obligation to register or notify preparations that are placed on the Swiss market are:

Is my company affected?

According to articles 3, 19, and 48 of the Swiss ChemO, manufacturers and importers must register the following preparations placed on the Swiss market:

  • dangerous preparations as per article 3 of the ChemO
  • non-dangerous preparations (according to article 3 of the ChemO) that contain at least one of the following substances:
    • substances dangerous to health or to the environment in concentrations of 1% by weight for non-gaseous preparations or 0.2% by volume for gaseous preparations
    • PBT/vPvB (very persistent, very bio-accumulative, and toxic) substance in concentrations of 0.1% by weight
    • substances listed in Annex 3 in concentrations of 0.1% by weight
    • substances for which an occupational exposure limit value has been laid out in Directives 2000/39/EC, 2006/15/EC, or 2009/161/EU

How do I submit a notification to the Swiss product register?

A notification is done electronically by uploading it to the dedicated Swiss Chemical Product Register portal (

You will need to create an account and complete the registration form. Further information can be found here,

Using opesus EHS Product Notification, all data required for a product notification is gathered and generated into an XML format. You can then download this file and manually upload it to the Swiss Chemical Product Register. For a guide on how to use the Swiss Chemical Product Register, see Information on RPC.