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customers can use opesus UFI Generator to generate UFI for their products within their SAP system. Customers of opesus EHS Product Notification have the opesus UFI included in their license. SAP EHSM Customers can get a free copy of opesus UFI Generator under the MIT License.

What is UFI?

General information about the Unique formula identifier (UFI) can be found here. This is related to the CLP regulation (“Classification, Labelling and Packaging”)

From The Commission Regulation implementing Article 45 of CLP

Unique formula identifier (UFI). The UFI is a unique code to be printed on the label of the product. It will create an unambiguous link between a mixture placed on the market and the information on that specific mixture submitted to poison centres, so that the chemical formulation of the product can be precisely and rapidly identified. A precise identification is necessary to provide appropriate curative measures in the case of an emergency call.

There is an algorithm that can be used by companies to generate an UFI for a given product. Also, the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) provides an UFI Generator on their website.

What is the opesus UFI Generator?

SAP EHSM customers can use the opesus UFI Generator to generate UFI for their products within their SAP system. The advantages over using the Echa generator are:

  1. No external web services need to be connected. Connecting an SAP system to an external system is typically a process involving significant effort and approval steps.
  2. opesus UFI Generator comes with an additional a check function for identifiers.
  3. Having it within your SAP system helps you to integrate into your existing processes. You can even use it to make the UFI generation part of a fully automated process.

How can I get the UFI Generator

There are two ways to get opesus UFI Generator:

  1. The UFI Generator is part of opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN).
  2. Customers of SAP® EHSM that don’t own an EPN license can request a free copy of the opesus UFI Generator for free under the MIT license. Fill out the contact form below to request your copy.

How can I get support?

If you would like to report a bug or file an improvement:

  • Customers of EPN with existing maintenance contract please use our EPN Service Desk (for customers with maintenance contract only).
  • All others: please note that the software is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. However, we would appreciate to learn more about your issues. Please write to ufi@opesus.com

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