opesus Demo at SCIP IT User Group – 4th Sep

opesus has been part of the ECHA SCIP IT User Group since Oct 2019. The SCIP IT User Group meets monthly to discuss IT improvements, challenges, and issues surrounding the ECHA SCIP database. One of the main topics of discussions is around system-to-system integration (S2S) between a customer’s ERP system and the ECHA SCIP database. Read more

opesus at Electronics Goes Green 2020

We will be presenting about the requirements for the SCIP database at the Electronics Goes Green 2020 conference. As the name goes, the Electronics Goes Green conference brings together all key players and stakeholders in the electronics and ICT industry. Read more

John Falk

John Falk to Present at the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) on August 24th

John Falk of opesus America will be presenting “EU Poison Centre Notifications” at the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) virtual event on Monday, August 24th at 2:00 pm EST. His presentation will cover:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Tools available to submit notifications
  • Best practices, considerations, and experiences from a variety of industries

If you want to learn more about CLP Article 45 Annex VIII or just like hearing John speak, we encourage you to attend!


You can find more details and register for the event here:


Looking back on the ChemAcademy CLP Art. 45 Workshop

On the 4th and 5th of May, ChemAcademy hosted the CLP Art. 45 Workshop. Opesians Markus Pogrzeba and David Köhler led the web conference and provided the framework for the workshop. Read more

Product and Poison Centres Notification Conference 2020 – Feedback from participants

When we had to decide to cancel the conference in Frankfurt in order to switch to an online event, it was not easy for us. The personal exchange between customers, interested parties and partners is very important to us. As you know, our corporate philosophy is based to a large extent on precisely this personal and direct contact. Read more

Following the SCIP Track at the opesus Product and Poison Centres Notification Virtual Conference 2020

The goal to look from all angles at upcoming regulatory requirements and possible solutions for the notification of products (including the notification to the SCIP database) was achieved for sure at the opesus Product and Poison Centres Notification Virtual Conference 2020 on May 18th and 19th. Attendees got informative contents, interesting presentations and enjoyed the relaxed course of the whole event. Since almost all the 140 participants stayed online until the very end of the Q&A and collaboration sessions, a large part of the current questions on the topic could be collected and answered. Read more

Conference Preview: Comparing WFD, REACH, EU-RoHS

The revised Waste Framework Directive (WFD) requires the establishment of a database for information on substances of concern in articles as such or in complex objects (products) (SCIP). The goal of this database is to improve the transparency on hazardous substances in articles for waste operators, authorities and consumers. Read more

Product and Poison Centre Notifications Virtual Conference 2020 supported by VCI

The coronavirus has forced most of us to spend our lives inside and online to stop the spread and flatten the curve. In light of the global pandemic, our upcoming conference will not be held in Frankfurt, but as an online conference! Read more

ChemCon Americas 2020

ChemCon Americas was held in Philadelphia from March 2nd-March 6th. The five-day event was well-attended, bringing together experts from companies, authorities, and organizations. Read more

Fraunhofer IZM Working Group “Legally Compliant Environmental Management”

At a working group meeting of the working group “legally compliant environmental management”, Andreas Müller presented on the ECHA SCIP Database. As the opesus expert on the upcoming SCIP requirements, Andreas covered the regulatory requirements and included tips on how companies can start preparing for the upcoming deadline. Read more