SCIP Format Support with opesus EHSM Smart Input

Get ready for SCIP! The opesus EHSM Smart Input (ESI) now supports the new SCIP format. This means you can start to prepare for SCIP requirements by importing the REACH SVHC Candidate List in ESI. Read more

Software Update: opesus EHSM Smart Input gets a new search tool

Our latest software update for opesus EHSM Smart Input (ESI) comes with some improvements and fixes. The biggest improvement is the addition of our “Compliance Data Object Search”. This makes the search function more powerful and user friendly as it is now more adaptable to your needs. As part of ESI, the search function will be updated and improved on a continuous basis.

Read more

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SAP Conference for EHS Management 2017 in Chicago

Come visit us at the SAP Conference for EHS Management 2017 in Chicago.

Our John Falk and Joachim Neff will hosting a microforum about: “SAP EHS Management Smart Input – Maintain and Migrate Mass Data in SAP EHS Management”. See more details about opesus EHSM Smart Input.

We are looking forward to meeting you!