opesus Culture: We Work and We Live

Culture is the system of meanings, beliefs, values, and practices. It defines who we are, who we want to be, who we will be. Learn more about what makes opesus special!

Balance - our key principle

At opesus, we believe that having a good balance is a fundamental basis for our success. We believe in the importance of balance between work and private life, having interesting and varied tasks, and a mixture of teamwork and individual projects ensure that we are happier, more satisfied, which in turn benefit our customers in getting our utmost professionalism. 

We believe strongly in our company culture because it defines who we are, who we want to be, and who we will be. It is our mission to make our jobs as close to wonderful as a job can be and build the company that we always dreamed of.

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Our 4Cs

Every one of our team members is and continues to be amazing. To build a strong team, we take great care in choosing our team members. All of our team members encompass our 4Cs:

  • Competency: knows her/his job and has great talents
  • Commitment: wants to do the job and sees through its success
  • Culture: appreciates and shares how we do our work and govern our company
  • Character: displays our shared values - honor, honesty, and humbleness

Growth - our mindset

Our belief system affects our abilities, fuels our behavior, and predicts our success. At opesus, we have a "growth mindset". We thrive on challenges. We see failures as a springboard for growth, an opportunity to learn, and for improving ourselves. We help everyone in our team grow by:

  • being surrounded by amazing people with a diversity of skills and talents
  • giving them the freedom to learn
  • actively plan and help them develop
  • providing a rich, comfortable working environment to maximize productivity

We want to be proud of the people we build! We invest in ourselves as a company and as individuals.

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Diversity and Inclusion at opesus

At opesus, we believe that our commitment to a diverse culture with shared values drives the innovation and excellence that we are so proud of. Behind our sustainability services and solutions is a multicultural team that embraces inclusivity and respect. Our diverse set of backgrounds, identities, and experiences affirms our promise to make every member of the opesus family feel comfortable as their most authentic selves.

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