Poison Center Notification
Solution for SAP® Customers

The opesus software for poison center notification is a comprehensive solution that supports the end-to-end process of poison centre notifications for SAP customers to fulfill their legal obligation for CLP Article 45.

According to Article 45 of the CLP regulation, companies placing mixtures classified for human health or physical hazards on the market must provide information to the relevant national bodies. Annex VIII of the CLP regulation defines the harmonized requirements for poison centre notifications (PCN).

With the opesus solution for poison center notification (PCN) format, you can:

  • Easily identify notification-relevant mixtures via a built-in search
  • Protect your confidential business information with the randomize algorithm
  • Generate unique formula identifiers (UFI) directly in your SAP Product Safety system
  • Efficiently assign EU product categories to your mixtures
  • Run validation rules to ensure that data is compliant with the PCN requirements
  • Do system-to-system notification submissions

opesus software for EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN) Format

Key Capabilities

Manage Dossier

Manage & Monitor PCN Dossiers

  • Create dossiers in the required IUCLID-based PCN format
  • Automatic submissions using system-to-system (S2S) interface
  • Monitor the status of your notifications
  • Easily identify affected products with the built-in search
Automated Process

Fully Automated PCN Submissions

  • Automatically generate UFIs and submit notifications for affected products
  • With built-in validation checks, you can auto-approve and auto-submit your poison centre notifications via the S2S integration
  • Automatically submit notifications for mixtures that have been updated
Secure Document

Confidential Business Information

  • Built-in randomize algorithm protects your recipes and formulas and yet remain compliant with the poison centre requirements
  • Take advantage of our complete support for interchangeable component groups (ICG) and generic component identifier (GCI)
Protect Company

Protect Your Company

  • Control information about the notifying legal entity of your products
  • No 3rd party platform risks! Directly interface with the ECHA Submission Portal 
  • Handle PCN requirements efficiently from managing sales orders to labelling

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Technical Requirements

  • Are you using SAP Product Safety?
    Yes? PERFECT! Our solution is tightly integrated with SAP Product Safety.

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