History of opesus


Founding opesus

In August 2012, Alex, Andi, Christian, and Markus made their entrepreneurial dream of starting a company in the area of EH&S a reality. With their wealth of experience, including their time working at SAP's Sustainability Department serving numerous customers and leading development teams, they had a solid foundation for their venture. 

"Let's make the company we always dreamed of!"

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Operative Sustainability

Combining "operative" and "sustainability," opesus is more than just a name – it's a commitment to assisting companies in achieving sustainability through improving their operations and daily processes. At opesus, we firmly believe that the best long-term solution for SAP customers is to leverage and complement their existing SAP solutions.


opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN)

Our very first proprietary software, opesus EHS Product Notification, entered the market in 2013. The solution is designed to run seamlessly with SAP Product Safety (previously known as SAP EH&S). When CLP Art. 45 came into force with Poison Center Notifications (PCN), opesus EPN became a market-leading solution. Until today, opesus EPN has expanded to include various other regulations, such as the EU SCIP Database, C&L Inventory, and Swiss Chemical Regulations. Opesus EPN truly encapsulates “operative sustainability” as it continuously provides support for our customers with a simple and efficient solution for their product notification needs.


Taking the Leap to a Stock Corporation

Two years after its founding, opesus made the switch from being a limited liability company (GmbH) to a stock corporation (AG). This allows employees to become shareholders and allows them to participate in the success of the company. Today, many employees are shareholders.

first office week

"40 hours of passion"

"best conditions to work and live"

"amazing people in a strong team"

Guiding Principles established in 2014

Debut of opesus Office Weeks

As everyone became busy with daily tasks, we decided that we needed a week dedicated to focusing specifically on the company and its growth. Thus, the idea of opesus Office Weeks was born. Opesus Office Weeks, now held twice a year, lay the foundation for our company culture. Besides discussions on the future of the company, it also fosters teamwork, trust, and collaboration. These special weeks are always held outside the office to provide a change of pace and to also inject some fun. The first one took place on the Largo Maggiore in Italy.



Founding opesus America

Our first overseas location! With three locations within Germany, we are proud to open a subsidiary in Chicago, USA. Now we can serve and support customers on both sides of the Atlantic.

founding opesus America


opesus EHSM Smart Input (ESI)

Our second proprietary software to enter the market was opesus EHSM Smart Input. This solution extends SAP Product and REACH Compliance (previously SAP EHSM) with the functionality of mass data maintenance. Running seamlessly within SAP, opesus ESI streamlines the upkeep of extensive data with a user-friendly interface for product compliance and risk assessments. This saves users a lot of time and effort.


Along our journey, we picked up a few awards. For three years in a row – 2016, 2017, and 2018 – opesus was awarded the Technology Fast 50 by Deloitte. This award honors the fastest-growing technology companies.

Deloitte Trophies


opesus Product Compliance Essentials (PCE)

Our consulting expertise packaged into a solution – opesus Product Compliance Essentials (PCE). This offering was developed by our consultants who combined had over 1500 months of extensive experience in implementing SAP Product and REACH Compliance at that point of time. With opesus PCE, customers can get up and running with SAP Product and REACH Compliance within a four-month timeframe and fixed cost.


TOP 100 Innovator in Germany

In 2019, opesus proudly secured the TOP 100 award. The TOP 100 award recognizes the most innovative mid-sized companies across all of Germany. We have our passionate team members and the continued support of our customers to thank for our success!

 Ranga Yogeshwar with opesus at the TOP 100 award ceremony


SCIP and opesus EHS Product Notification

opesus EHS Product Notification, the flagship solution, now supports notifications to the SCIP Database in compliance with the Waste Framework Directive regulation, ensuring end-to-end support for the SCIP notification process.

Showcasing our Corporate Culture

Since our founding, we have worked hard to foster a work environment and culture that truly respects work-life balance. We wanted to capture the passion and the work culture that our team is so proud of. We believe that what we have is special Watch it here!

Founding of opesus Romania

Our fifth location - opesus Romania in Timisoara! We are so glad to have found talented individuals. They are a wonderful addition to our growing and diverse team.


Undisputable Market Leader with Poison Centre Notifications

We are proud to call many of the leading chemical companies in Germany our customers with our flagship solution opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN). One year after the first compliance date for Poison Centre Notifications, we were curious to know how many of these notifications were created with our software. We contacted our customers, did the math, and are able to confidently conclude that the majority of notifications submitted to ECHA were generated with our solution EPN!


10 years!

Our 10th anniversary! We had a fun night celebrating in a mountain hut in the Black Forest with delicious food and great music as we danced the night away. We are so proud of what we have achieved, and we are so grateful for our customers for their steadfast support. Here’s to the next decade!


Slowly but surely, we are growing internationally - we are now employers in Spain! We’re excited to tap into this new pool of talented candidates for our next chapter of growth and opportunity!

opesus 10 years


opesus Product Compliance Collaboration

The debut of our latest software opesus Product Compliance Collaboration! It's a central hub for collaboration optimized for companies using SAP Product Compliance application. Opesus PCC makes interaction with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities easy and intuitive. To ensure we’re always at the cutting-edge of technology, opesus is designed using SAP’s latest technology stack – business technology platform (BTP).

LoA Market

Our first foray into non-SAP based technology – the opesus LoA Market. Keeping our focus on challenges faced by chemical companies, LoA Market transforms data sharing by linking chemical data providers with companies needing data access for chemical registrations. It simplifies the process, enabling companies to purchase Letters of Access for valuable studies and reports easily.


42 employees

10 nationalities

3 continents


The future

We are armed with a wealth of ideas to help companies orchestrate product compliance solutions and processes that are sustainable. Our path forward is proving to be an exciting road ahead. Armed with the passion and commitment of our team, we look forward to a future filled with innovation and greater success.