Consulting Experts for SAP® Sustainability and Product Compliance Solutions

We go beyond SAP functional and technical consulting to ensure customers have the optimal sustainability solution.

Our in-depth knowledge of all areas within SAP sustainability solutions is the core of our offering. This includes Product Safety & Stewardship, Product Compliance, Health & Safety.  

Passion for sustainability
Processes and organization

Passion for Sustainability

We strongly believe that sustainability is an integrated topic. It involves all processes and touches all areas of a company. A software solution that supports these processes should be connected to all of them. No other solution provider does that as convincingly as SAP. With our SAP expertise, we can help our customers reach integrated and comprehensive sustainability processes.


Processes and Organization

The prerequisite for successful software integration is the thorough analysis of your business processes and organization. Based on this analysis, software can be configured to support your workflows. Take advantage of our extensive experience on implementation projects, especially if you are looking to combine both process and organizational improvements with a software implementation project.


project management
industry expertise
Change management

Project Management

Having our roots working as SAP consultants, we are well versed with the methodologies used in SAP Consulting such as the Waterfall model, ASAP, and agile project management and software development methods.

Industry Expertise

Through our many years of experience, we have worked with companies from a wide range of industries. That's how we are familiar with industry-specific peculiarities and are well prepared for them. We know how to help you and your company succeed!

Change Management

Bringing change to an organization is not always easy. The right communication is the key to success. For us, a successful project includes involving all relevant stakeholders across the various departments so that the right message can be delivered at the right time.

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