opesus EPN for 
EU SCIP Database Format

opesus EPN for EU SCIP format is a comprehensive solution that supports the end-to-end process of SCIP notifications for SAP customers to fulfill their legal obligation in the context of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD). It is designed on the tried-and-tested success of opesus EPN, used by over 100 customers.

As part of the revised WFD, a database of substances of concern in articles as such or in complex objects or products (SCIP) was established to improve transparency on hazardous substances in articles. From January 5th 2021, companies are obliged to submit information to the SCIP database of ECHA (European Chemical Agency) using the prescribed IUCLID format.

With opesus EPN for EU SCIP format, you can:

  • Create notifications that meet the format requirements of IUCLID for SCIP
  • Submit notifications via system-to-system (S2S) integration
  • Keep an overview of products that require submission of a notification to the ECHA SCIP Database
  • Manage REACH Regulatory Content efficiently
  • Handle SCIP declarations from your supply chain efficiently
  • Manage submissions to the SCIP database completely within your in-house ERP system

Our Reference Customers

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Customer Story - Kärcher
Opesus EPN for SCIP Database with subtitles

opesus EPN for the EU SCIP Database Format

Key Capabilities

Manage Dossier

Manage & Monitor SCIP Dossiers

  • Create dossiers in the required IUCLID format for SCIP database notifications
  • Automatic submissions using system-to-system (S2S) interface
  • Monitor the status of your SCIP database notifications


Automated Process

Fully Automated SCIP Submissions

  • With built-in validation checks, you can auto-approve and auto-submit your SCIP notifications via the S2S integration
  • Easily achieve long-term compliance through automatic SCIP submissions based on engineering and sourcing changes
  • Ensure the correct set of duty holders submit notifications at the right time using dossier submissions and simplified SCIP notifications
Manage Content

Manage REACH Content

  • Efficiently handle REACH Candidate List revisions
  • Quick and easy import of the ECHA-provided list
  • Map SVHC declarations to the reference substances used in the SCIP database
Protect Company

Keep Business Information Confidential

  • Precise control of your publicly available SCIP database submissions
  • Eliminate 3rd party platform risks through direct interface with the SCIP database 
  • Handle SCIP database declarations from your supply chain efficiently

Implementation Options

opesus EPN SCIP only

The bare minimum is that you're running SAP ERP. It's possible to integrate opesus EPN for EU SCIP Database into other product compliance solutions.

If you're already running SAP Product and REACH Compliance, that's great! opesus EPN for SCIP Format is tightly integrated with SAP Product and REACH Compliance. We support integration into:

  • SAP EHS Management 4.0
  • SAP EHS Management 6.0
  • S/4 HANA Product Compliance for Discrete Industry


Product Compliance Suite

If you're looking for a full product compliance suite, you can:

  • first, start with opesus EPN for SCIP Format to get up and running to fulfill your SCIP database requirements, and then, complete your product compliance suite with our Product Compliance Essentials (PCE)
  • or, you can immediately start with implementing a product compliance suite with our Product Compliance Essentials (PCE), and then, implement opesus EPN for SCIP Format.

Either way, you'll be up and running in a matter of weeks!


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