Product Compliance for Discrete Industry with SAP®: opesus Product Compliance Essentials

opesus Product Compliance Essentials (PCE) provides a rapid and standard implementation of SAP Product and REACH Compliance. Consultants at opesus have been working on product compliance for the discrete industry with SAP since the very beginning of this subject in 2005. They bring together implementation best practices from the following industries: high-tech, electronic, medical products, aerospace and defense, and automotive.

Based on this experience, we developed a package that brings together all the ingredients for a best-practice implementation of SAP Product and REACH Compliance. These include pre-configuration, programs and tools, templates, and documentation. In combination with a harmonized project methodology, PCE allows the fast and standardized implementation of SAP Product and REACH Compliance at a fixed price.

opesus Product Compliance Essentials

Efficiently Manage Your Material and Product Compliance

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Comply with REACH, RoHS, and Others

With PCE, you will have SAP Product and REACH Compliance up and running to comply with REACH and RoHS. You can additionally manage other compliance requirements such as California Prop 65 and others, or even reuse the data for other requirements such as the EU SCIP Database.* 

*only possible when running opesus EPN for EU SCIP Format.


Single Source of Truth

SAP Product and REACH Compliance integrates with the logistics and sales modules in SAP ERP. Thus, allowing you to utilize BOM and sales information as the basis for your compliance analysis. This means that any changes to the BOM or sales information will be automatically quickly relayed to your department.


Configurable to Suit Your Processes

SAP Product and REACH Compliance provides the flexibility to be configured to fit into your business processes. Tap into the experiences of our knowledgeable consultants to guide you to the most efficient configurations to meet your business requirements.


opesus Product Compliance Essentials



You will receive a predefined system configuration based on the extensive know-how from our previous implementations. This includes both customizing of SAP Product and REACH Compliance and its related areas.



Tools and programs are available for standard users and beyond. For the core of the logistics connection, such as BOMBOS transfer, there are particularly useful and proven enhancements provided in the PCE package



Using SAP Product and REACH Compliance for the first time can be challenging. We provide additional documentation for end-users to get up and running quickly. We arranged the underlying concepts of the solution in a structured and easily understandable manner.


project methodology


For a large share of the documents required in a project, there are standardized and established templates. These include:

  • Detailed installation checklist for use by SAP technical resources
  • Manage authorization templates to plan assignment of authorizations
  • An extensive presentation for use during blueprint workshops
  • Well-structured business blueprint document

Project Methodology

We developed a specific methodology to ensure quick and successful implementation. This is founded on ASAP methodology with a few elements of agile project management.

From the get-go, a usable prototype is available. In this prototype, we use your examples so that it's easy for you to follow and imagine how to set up your system. These examples are used in demonstration material throughout the business blueprint workshops. In this way, the project team is enabled to make faster and better decisions. 

Why opesus?

Our product developers and product managers have extensive experience in consulting projects specifically for SAP product compliance and sustainability solutions.

Your Advantages

  • Short implementation time
  • Leverage our extensive industry experience to help you make the best decisions on how to use SAP Product and REACH Compliance
  • Reduced implementation effort
  • Guaranteed project success at a fixed price

Customer Story: Kärcher

Find out how Kärcher uses SAP Product and REACH Compliance and opesus EHS Product Notification to fulfill ECHA SCIP requirement

Customer Story - Kärcher

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