C&L Inventory Format for SAP® Customers

You are an SAP customer and want to submit C&L Inventory notifications according to CLP Article 40 to ECHA efficiently?

opesus has a comprehensive solution that supports the end-to-end process of C&L notifications to ECHA.

With the opesus solution for submitting to the C&L Inventory, you can:

  • Automate the C&L notification process and submit dossiers directly from your SAP ERP system
  • Easily trigger and submit notifications for hazardous substances placed on the market directly or as part of hazardous mixtures
  • Run validation rules to ensure that data is compliant with the C&L format requirements

🛠️ Technical Requirement

You need to have SAP Product Safety (previously known as SAP EH&S) in your SAP ERP.

 C&L Notification

 📜 Regulatory Basis
Article 40 of CLP Regulation

 👥 Duty Holders
EU importers and manufacturers placing substances or mixtures on the EU market

 📑 Scope
Hazardous substances and all substances that are subjected to registration under REACH must provide information to the C&L Inventory

 🗓️ Deadline
One month after the substance has been placed on the EU market

 📋 Exemptions
1. Substances already registered under REACH with corresponding classification and labeling information
2. Importers of articles where registration of substances is not required, as described in REACH Article 7

opesus solution for EU C&L Format

Key Capabilities

Manage Dossier

Manage Notifications

  • Create dossiers and validate data in the required IUCLID-based C&L format
  • Automatically submit dossiers using system-to-system (S2S) interface
  • Monitor the status of your notifications
  • Manage C&L reference and submission numbers all within your SAP system
Automated Process

Full Automation

  • Automatically create notifications for substances placed on the market directly or as part of hazardous mixtures
  • Automatically identify relevant notification updates
  • Use built-in validation checks to auto-approve and auto-submit your C&L notifications via S2S integration
Protect Company

Protect Your Company

  • Control information about the notifying legal entity of your products
  • No 3rd party platform risks! Directly interface with the ECHA Submission Portal 
  • Handle C&L requirements efficiently from managing sales orders to notification submission and management

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