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Do you need to generate a UFI for your hazardous products in accordance with the CLP Art. 45, Annex VIII regulation (Poison Centre Notification)? If you're using SAP Product Safety, you can download and install this UFI generator in your SAP system*.

*In accordance with the MIT license

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What is a UFI?

According to the European Commission, (for more details, see here): 

Unique formula identifier (UFI) is a unique code to be printed on the label of the product. It will create an unambiguous link between a mixture placed on the market and the information on that specific mixture submitted to poison centres, so that the chemical formulation of the product can be precisely and rapidly identified. A precise identification is necessary to provide appropriate curative measures in the case of an emergency call.


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How to generate UFIs?

You can either use the ECHA UFI generator or fill out the contact form below to download the opesus UFI generator to implement in your SAP Product Safety system.
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Why should I use opesus UFI generator?

SAP Product Safety customers can use opesus UFI generator to generate UFIs within their SAP system. The advantages of using the opesus UFI generator instead of ECHA's are:

  1. No external Web services need to be connected to your SAP system. 
  2. Additional check functions are available with the opesus UFI generator.
  3. Easily integrate UFI generation into your existing processes. 

Technical Requirements

  • SAP Product Safety
  • Note that the opesus UFI generator is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind. If you do face issues, send us an email. 

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