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What is a UFI?

A UFI or unique formula identifier is an alphanumeric code. This code consists of 16 characters. The purpose of the UFI code is to enable the quick identification of mixtures by emergency response personnel at the toxicology or poison control center.

From 2025, the code is mandatory on the labels of all products or mixtures classified as hazardous to human health or physical hazards. Products or mixtures that are not classified as hazardous or classified only as environment hazards are not required to have a UFI, therefore they do not need to be reported.

The UFI code is to be submitted to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) platform for Poison Center Notifications, together with other information about the hazardous mixture. According to the European Commission (for more details, see here): 

Unique formula identifier (UFI) is a unique code to be printed on the label of the product. It will create an unambiguous link between a mixture placed on the market and the information on that specific mixture submitted to poison centres, so that the chemical formulation of the product can be precisely and rapidly identified. A precise identification is necessary to provide appropriate curative measures in the case of an emergency call.


Who is obliged to submit UFI codes?

Importers and downstream users, including formulator, re-packager, re-filler, toll formulator) of hazardous mixtures to the EU are obliged to label their products with a UFI code. If you import products from outside of the European Community, reformulate mixtures to create a new mixture or relabel under a different name, or mix mixtures from mixtures, you must submit UFI codes and other data to the ECHA Poison Center Notification platform.

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How to create or generate UFIs?

A unique formula identifier requires the company identification number and a numeric formula code. You must choose a sustainable way of product numbering to avoid confusion and code duplication. You can either use the ECHA UFI generator or fill out the contact form below to download the opesus UFI generator to implement in your SAP Product Safety system.

Why should I use opesus UFI generator?

SAP Product Safety customers can use opesus UFI generator to generate UFIs within their SAP system. The advantages of using the opesus UFI generator instead of ECHA's are:

    1. No external Web services need to be connected to your SAP system. 
    2. Additional check functions are available with the opesus UFI generator.
    3. Easily integrate UFI generation into your existing processes. 
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What are the technical requirements to use UFI generator with my SAP® system?

  • You can install the UFI generator in your SAP system* if you also use SAP Product Safety.
    Note that the opesus UFI generator is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind. If you do face issues, send us an email. 

    *in accordance with the MIT license

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