opesus Office Weeks

What's it about?

... an immersive experience best understood when you've been there yourself ;-)

Twice a year, the opesus team comes together for an entire week. During the week, we discuss the strategy and direction of the company, the development of our products, and personal growth. Every voice is heard!

At the heart of our company culture, our office weeks are a mix of

  • Dynamic sessions discussing new innovative ideas
  • Team synergy through learning new skills and group work
  • Open discussions regarding personal growth
  • Collaborating with exceptional colleagues from around the globe
  • Cultivating a culture centered on mutual appreciation
  • Infusing every moment with pure joy and passion for our work
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opesus Office Weeks in Pictures

Preparing Meals and Cooking Together
Office Week cooking sessions are a recipe for collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving.
Cooking together is a staple in our program since our very first Office Week in 2014.
Team Discussions - Thinking Hat Session

We constantly explore new methods of group work.
In this session we tried the Six Thinking Hats method—a versatile approach to analyzing topics from various perspectives. 

Teambuilding Activities

We work hard, we also play hard. In the evenings during Office Week, we find different ways to wind down.
Here's a picture of us around an open campfire - roasting marshmallows while singing along to guitar tunes.

Team Events
The Office Week is also filled with team building activities.
We've done museum visits, mini golf, and here is one of us hiking to a waterfall in the Black Forest.
Ergonomic Well-Being

We're mindful about everyone's well-being. During Office Weeks, the team has the
opportunity to test out exercise balls or wobble boards instead of just sitting in a chair all-day long.

Breakfast Team at opesus

Over the years, we've developed some team traditions. Having a bacon and egg breakfast on the last morning is one of them.
Naturally, we are conscious to our vegetarian and vegan team members as well!

Ensuring exercise and movement

To break up the days, we've included some "team exercise" throughout the day.
Here's one where the challenge was to keep the balloon afloat without using our hands. We've done a dance before too!

Get-to-know session

Office Weeks are also when everyone gets to meet in person. We've incorporated fun ways to get to know and welcome new team members.
Here's an example where we've turned it into a challenge - everyone's listening and eager to start!

We've been asked if the pictures on our company culture page or the statements like below on our teampage are perhaps fake or forced?! (Spoiler: no 😉)



“Trust is what makes a group a real team.”



Outstanding teamwork with great professionalism and quality of innovative people is what I love at opesus."



From day one, I've been captivated by our company's endless potential. Always seeking, always learning in this inspiring workspace."

(check out our teampage for more quotes from our team)

Feedback from Our Team Members

I liked / I loved...
"... seeing all the colleagues again"
"... the food/restaurants"
"... every second of office week"
"... the teamwork"
"... the energy and high levels of participation"
"... team presentations"
"... the dedicated working time with my team. We made good progress by being in the same room."
"... the walks"
"... the energy"
"... the whole week"
"... team spirit and opesus rituals"
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