Automate Regulatory Content Updates
in SAP Product Compliance

Integrate Yordas Hive Regulatory Content

In a collaboration that promises to further streamline regulatory compliance, opesus and Yordas Group have made new connections. The solution uses opesus’ leading SAP expertise to integrate Yordas Hive’s comprehensive chemical regulatory database for the first time directly with your SAP system.

This connection brings more efficiency and convenience to product compliance management. Product compliance specialists from the discrete industry will finally have SAP-native access to regulatory substance data.

As the regulatory landscape becomes more complex, opesus and Yordas Group are determined to provide and support the best tool to ensure continuity in product compliance. Drive insights, reliability, and resiliency in the supply chain by being the first to know about product compliance regulatory changes.

By extending your SAP Product Compliance solution with the Yordas Regulatory Content Connector, access to the latest regulatory list revisions is just a click away.

Supported regulatory lists

  • US TSCA section 8(a)(7) PFAS
  • US California Proposition 65
  • EU REACH-Annex XIV
  • EU POPs
  • EU RoHS
  • China RoHS
  • Korea RoHS

Additional regulatory lists are available from Yordas upon request. Yordas maintains data on 1500 global regulations including many relating to PFAS, batteries, waste, electronics, automotive, textiles, and more!

Key Features and Benefits

SAP Native Design

SAP-Native Design

The regulatory data is carefully processed and organized according to the precise format required by SAP product compliance applications. This facilitates seamless and effortless integration of regulatory data within your SAP system and all associated SAP-based applications.

Risk Management

Timely Risk Management Updates

With the latest regulatory updates being available directly within your SAP system, be alerted about regulatory changes affecting your products and supply chain. Identify and manage compliance risks timely and reliably.

Regulatory Data

Accessible Regulatory Data

As soon as regulations are updated in Yordas Hive, new data can flow directly into your SAP system. Optional notifications help ensure regulatory updates are never missed. Additionally, all international regulatory texts are professionally translated, minimizing regulatory ambiguity.

Yordas Expert Support

Expert Support

With the PCC Yordas Hive integration, you get access to Yordas Group's consulting services for comprehensive compliance support.

Interactive Demo

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