Registra: One Place, Work Smart, Work Together

Registra centralizes chemical registrations, fostering internal and external collaboration while connecting essential data sources, including IUCLID, SAP Product Safety, document management systems, and Microsoft Excel. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with opesus LoA Market.

PCE - 2 - Tools

One Place

Organize, store, and align chemical registration data centrally across various legislation, departments, and users.

ESI - 8 - Solid Technology

Work Smart

Automate and accelerate processes, leveraging essential data sources and AI.


Work Together

Collaborate and facilitate alignment and knowledge sharing between users, teams, departments, external partners, and LoA Market.

Managing Chemical Registrations Worldwide

The registration of chemicals is a widely adopted procedure across almost every country globally. While the details of the registration process may differ, the submission of precise data, supported by robust scientific and technical data, is crucial.

An increasing number of countries find it necessary to implement chemical regulations or to reform the existing ones. Many of the recent chemical regulations cover various requirements, often inspired by REACH, such as the obligation to register and document chemical substances.

Covered regulations

Why should I use Registra?

Registra will be your centralized platform for worldwide chemical registrations - work smart, and work together!

Do any of these sound like you?

"Our data is not consistent and difficult to find as it is stored in many different places... folders, emails, files, etc. It's difficult to find out where we stand with the registration of a substance. Only Rachel has all the information and knows all the deadlines and tasks. Nobody else in the team knows what to do if she is not available."
"We are spending more than 50% of our time in administrative and manual tasks such as trying to figure out reimbursement calculations. This results in many errors as there are simply too many manual steps! We cannot make decisions efficiently and quickly in conjunction with other departments. This is a huge compliance risk for us."
"We often don't know for sure in which tonnage band we must register. So, we play it safe and register in the higher tonnage bands. After manually analyzing historic data, we learn that we could have saved thousands of dollars if we had detailed insights from the get go."