EHSM Smart Input

opesus EHSM Smart Input

(opesus ESI)

extends SAP EHSM with easy and efficient maintenance of large amounts of data. Product Compliance and Risk Assessments are supported in ESI with a user-friendly interface that assists users in their daily work. The ESI functionality can be used to copy or maintain a large number of product declarations in one operation, saving users a large amount of time. This increases the solution acceptance and improves data quality.

Solid Technology

The data processing takes place in the background. Users can monitor this using a separate dialog, providing transparency and visibility to data changes.

The solution is based on SAP standard technology and extends the functionality of SAP EHSM – no modification needed. Through the use of standard concepts and technology, the web-based user dialogs blend in with the existing menu and user experience. Executing the individual activities can be controlled via permissions; and by default the existing configuration for accessing and writing the data is used.

Maintain Declaration Data

The maintenance of data for a large number of compliance objects can be done in one step. This considerably simplifies the process of updating self-declared components when a new version of the REACH SVHC list is released. Also the handling of bulk declarations from suppliers can be done much faster.

Copy Compositions of Basic Materials

In discrete industries, many components with the same material composition are used. By copying the composition between compliance objects / materials, the maintenance can be done once then transferred to many other objects.

Copy Declaration Data Between Different Regulatory Substance Lists

For declarable substances that are present in several regulatory lists, declaration data can be easily copied between these lists back and forth. This is very practical if you want to exchange data between EU RoHS and China RoHS. It can also be used for customers that run a custom list that summarizes the substances of other regulatory lists. Related exceptions can be transmitted together with the substance data if needed.

Copy Assessments

Performing risk assessments is part of the management of chemicals for industrial safety processes. ESI provides a copy function for risk assessments so that data can be easily reused. Using this, much time can be saved on risk assessment data entry and maintenance, particularly for those assessments in comparable work areas.

Your Benefits

Significant reduction of effort for data maintenance

Lower risk of incorrect entries

Seamless user interface integration with SAP EHSM

No modification required

Increased user satisfaction and acceptance