Product Compliance Essentials

opesus Product Compliance Essentials

(opesus PCE)

provides a rapid and standard implementation of SAP EHSM Product Compliance. Consultants at opesus have been working on product compliance for discrete industry with SAP since the very beginning of this subject in 2005. Based on this experience, a package was developed which brings together all the ingredients for a best-practice implementation. These include: pre-configuration, programs and tools, templates, and documentation. In combination with a harmonized project methodology, PCE allows the standardized implementation of SAP EHSM Product Compliance in 4 months at a fixed price.

Best Practice

Based on our experience we’ve devised a package that combines implementation best practice for the following industries:



Medical products

Aerospace and Defense


Customers from these and related industries can use our extensive knowledge. We offer system configuration, programs and tools, templates – all coordinated in a holistic consulting approach.


Customers receive a predefined system configuration based on the extensive know-how from previous implementations. This includes both the customizing of SAP EHSM Product Compliance as well as related areas.


Tools and programs are available for standard users and beyond. For the core of the logistics connection (the BOMBOS transfer) there are particularly useful and proven enhancements provided in the PCE package.


Using SAP EHSM Product Compliance for the first time is a challenge. Therefore PCE provides additional documentation for end users. The underlying concepts of the solution are arranged well and understandable.


For a large share of the documents that can be required in a project, there are standardized and established templates. These include:

A detailed installation checklist for use by SAP basis to supplement the standard product documentation

Templates to plan the assignment of authorizations

An extensive and sophisticated presentation for use in the blueprint workshops

A well-structured business blueprint document

Project Methodology

A specific methodology was developed for PCE; it is founded on ASAP methodology with a few elements of agile.

PCE delivers a usable prototype immediately at the project start. In this prototype, product examples from the customer are used. These examples will be included in the demonstration material throughout the business blueprint workshops.

The visibility of a customer’s own products in the system in conjunction with referencing concepts enables the project team to make faster and better decisions.

Unique Experience

Consultants at opesus have been engaged with SAP product compliance for discrete industry since the very beginning of this subject in 2005. As product developers, product managers, and in many consulting projects, we have built a unique level of experience over the years doing product compliance with SAP. This experience was brought into the development of opesus Product Compliance Essentials.

Your Advantages

Short implementation time – 4 months to productive use

Good decisions by leveraging our extensive industry experience

Reduced implementation effort – internal and external

Sure implementation success – at a fixed price