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PFAS and Regulations

Managing PFAS with SAP: Unlock Your Data Treasures

If you run SAP ERP and want to tackle PFAS, we have excellent news: your SAP system offers a wealth of treasures – data and information - that you can use:  

  • It records what you purchase, produce, store, and sell. 
  • It knows which components in what quantities make up your products. 
  • It tells you what you buy from whom.  

Discover how to unlockSAPdata using an integrated and sustainable approach to handle PFAS.For insights into current PFAS regulations and their implications for your business, don't miss our initial article about PFAS Regulations and Business Challengesin the series Managing PFAS with SAP. 

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PFAS and Regulations

Managing PFAS with SAP: Regulations and Business Challenges

PFAS make product compliance stewards sweat. Companies are at risk of getting fined, lose customers or reputation because of them. The good news for SAP customers:

  • You have most of what you need for a good solution already available
  • You can leverage existing data and processes
  • Your solution can be reliable, auditable, and have a high degree of automation
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