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Franke's Recipe for Product Compliance Collaboration

Compliance Required in Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems is a leading global producer of professional fully automatic coffee machines. A coffee machine, with its many parts, must adhere to safety, sanitation, and environmental regulations.

  • Safety regulations: these govern the design and functionality of coffee machines, ensuring that they meet the highest safety standards with regards to operating the machine by a barista. For example, the IEC Safety Standard.
  • Sanitation regulations: this focuses on guaranteeing the machines are free from contaminants that could compromise the coffee, and thus the health of the coffee drinker. For example, the EU Food Contact regulation.
  • Environmental regulations: this ensure Franke's commitment to implementing sustainable practices for the preservation of the environment. For example, complying with REACH, RoHS, EU SCIP Database, and more.
As a manufacturer in the coffee machinery industry, Franke faces unique compliance challenges that require them to ensure the well-being of their users, customers, and the planet.



  • Name: Franke Coffee Systems
  • Founding Year: 1911
  • HQ: Aarburg, Switzerland
  • No. of Employees: 850
  • No. of Locations: 80 countries
  • Net sales: CHF 347 mil (2022)
  • Official website:

Using Software to Manage Compliance at Franke

To gain an overview of the multitude of standards and norms, Franke uses SAP Product and REACH Compliance (or also referred to as SAP EHSM). This approach makes it easier for them to oversee the extensive number of certificates, standards, and requirements for the more than 12,000 components used in their coffee machines. Here's how:

1. Each standard is reflected as a compliance requirement in SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

2. For each component, Franke indicates the standards the component need to fulfill.

3. Their suppliers provides the requested data and if required associated certificates as PDFs.

4. Franke stores the data in SAP Product and REACH Compliance and the certificates in their document management system (DMS) in SAP.

5. In SAP Product and REACH Compliance, a report is created that aggregates the data requirements at the product level. This information is then sent to certification body to obtain certificates.

Franke coffee machine

> 1000 components
per coffee machine

Components and Parts12,000 components from suppliers

Of all components:
  • 12 % have Safety related compliance requirements
  • 18 % have Sanitation related compliance requirements
  • 52 % have Environment related compliance requirements

Handling Hundreds of Suppliers

Franke relies on SAP Product and REACH Compliance to effectively monitor their components and ensure compliance. However, managing communication with their extensive network of suppliers remains a challenge. Whenever there are updates to regulations, supplier changes, introduction of new components, or expansion into new markets, Franke must identify the impacted components, their requirements, and then reach out to suppliers to collect and gather compliance information.

This manual process involves communicating via email, downloading received certificates, and then uploading them to SAP Product and REACH Compliance, which can be time-consuming.

To streamline this labor-intensive process, Franke has made the decision to implement opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC). By leveraging opesus PCC, they can save valuable time and automate the storage of certificates and important compliance information directly into SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

Team discussing what to do next

Collaboration Hub for Product Compliance

opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC) serves as a centralized collaboration hub for managing product compliance. Designed to complement SAP Product and REACH Compliance, opesus PCC offers unparalleled flexibility in managing data collection and communication strategies. It effortlessly adapts to your unique collaboration scenarios, making it an indispensable tool in your compliance arsenal.

In a nutshell,

1. opesus PCC seamlessly integrates with SAP product compliance applications, enhancing your existing systems.

2. Say goodbye to manual data collection! With opesus PCC, you can automatically initiate the collection of missing or incomplete compliance information.

3. Validating supplier responses is a breeze with opesus PCC. Accepted results are seamlessly fed back into SAP, streamlining your compliance processes.

But that's not all! Your valued business partners, including suppliers and customers, can also leverage the power of opesus PCC. They receive prompt notifications regarding data requests and can effortlessly provide the required information through a user-friendly interface accessible via web browser.

Curious about how opesus PCC can revolutionize your compliance workflows? Contact us today for an exclusive demo!