Meet opesus at the SAP EHS & Product Compliance Conference 2024

SAP EHS and Product Compliance Conference 2024

The next SAP EHS & Product Compliance conference will take place in-person and we're pumped! Taking place in Amsterdam, we're looking forward to two days of insights into the latest advancements in SAP EHS and Product Compliance solutions.As a leading solutions provider for SAP-based solutions in product compliance, we are excited to meet our customers in person and make new friends. This time, we will be taking center stage with our esteemed customer, Belden, to showcase how opesus is transforming product compliance processes for their business.

Why should you attend the SAP EHS & Product Compliance conference?

  1. We will be there! Alexander Wegener and Mark Pfister will be delighted to share with you valuable insights into the tangible benefits of opesus' offerings. It's a great opportunity for you to address your specific compliance challenges and tap into their expertise.
  2. Customer-centric presentations. Besides our presentation with Belden, the agenda is designed with deep dive sessions into real-life case studies. Learn about how businesses have successfully integrated SAP solutions into their processes.
  3. Networking opportunities. Connect with various representatives from peer companies and solution providers. Discuss your specific needs, explore potential collaborations, and forge valuable connections within the industry.

For those keen on staying at the forefront of product compliance technology, attending the SAP EHS and Product Compliance conference is a must! The anticipation is already building for insights and innovations that will be shared. Have a look at the agenda and register for the upcoming SAP EHS & Product Compliance Conference today! We look forward to seeing you there!