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opesus at SAP EHS & Product Compliance Conference 2024

opesus and Belden at the SAP for EHS and Product Compliance Conference 2024

This year's SAP for EHS and Product Compliance Conference, presented by TAC Insights, brought together industry professionals in the area of environmental, health, safety, and product compliance. It's the first in-person conference since 2019. We were excited to be there, together with our esteemed reference customer, Belden. Together, we presented on "Connecting SAP Material Conformity to the World".

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opesus at ChemCon Europe 2023 in Vienna

ChemCon Europe 2023 in Vienna

ChemCon 2023 took place in Vienna from October 23 to 27. This conference brings together many experts from companies, authorities, and international organizations. The focus focus is the field of chemical legislation all over the world such as EU-REACH, UK-REACH, TSCA, K-REACH, GHS, upcoming PFAS regulations and many more.

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ChemCon Europe 2023 in Vienna

Join us at ChemCon Europe 2023 in Vienna!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending ChemCon Europe 2023 in Vienna, Austria, from 23rd to 27th October 2023. ChemCon is a global platform that brings together experts from companies, authorities, and international organizations to discuss the latest developments in international chemical legislation. We are proud to be a sponsor of this event and to share our insights and solutions with the chemical industry.

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opesus at Chemical Watch Expo 2023

Chemical Watch Expo 2023

Chemical Watch Expo took place this year in Amsterdam on the 15th and 16th June. For two days, the event brings together the chemical regulatory community to get up to date with the latest global regulatory developments. Experts and service providers address key developments in chemicals management and regulations affecting the industry. The topics were divided into three streams: Europe, Global, and Asia.

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chemcon americas 2023 banner

ChemCon 2023

ChemCon is an annual conference that brings together experts and professionals from a variety of industries to discuss the latest trends, regulations, and challenges facing the industry. This year's conference took place in San Francisco from March 13 - 17th. This time we were delighted to be official partners of ChemCon, debuting our new booth design and showcasing our Product Compliance Collaboration software.

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dual studies opesus DHBW

opesus at the DHBW Info Day in Friedrichshafen

"What do you do?" was probably the most heard question when we presented ourselves at the DHBW study information day on November,16th in Friedrichshafen. With a lot of nice chats with different people, we were able to spread "what opesus does" a little further into the world and to possible future opesians.    

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DSAG Annual Conference 2022 – WG EHS and Product Compliance

The annual DSAG conference took place from 11th to 13th October in Leipzig. The 3-day agenda was fully packed with keynotes, presentations, hands-on sessions from SAP, partners, industry, and DSAG. The DSAG work group EHS and Product Compliance also had a stream of three presentations, which was hosted by Markus Pogrzeba, co-chair of the working group.

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conference room with empty chairs

13th BfR User Conference for Product Notifications

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is the appointed body for CLP Art. 45 in Germany. The institute receives product notifications and forwards them to the seven poison centres in Germany. The majority of product notifications are submitted centrally via the Submission Portal of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which in turn forwards them to the BfR.

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ChemCon 2022

ChemCon Europe 2022

Finally, after being postponed due to the pandemic, ChemCon Europe 2022 took place! ChemCon Europe 2022 was held in London from June 20th to 24th. The first day was a workshop focused on IT tools followed by two seminars. Tuesday through Friday were filled with great presentations covering the field of chemical regulations - from the EU, the UK, Turkey, Asia, and the Americas.

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BfR User Conference November 2021

12th BfR User Conference for Product Notifications

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is the appointed body for receiving product notifications and forwarding them to the various poison centres in Germany. As the main responsible body, the BfR also checks product notifications for completeness and accuracy and work hand-in-hand with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

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SAP Product Compliance Info Day Nov 2021

SAP Product Compliance Info Day 2021 – Future Roadmap of SAP

On November 8 and 9, 2021, SAP held a two-day conference the SAP Environmental, Health and Safety and Product Compliance Info Days. This conference, held annually, is targeted to customers using SAP sustainability solutions. As an SAP Partner, naturally we attended the virtual webinar to get to know the latest solution updates and planned developments in the area of SAP Product Compliance.

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Chem-Academy CLP Conference

13th Annual CLP Conference by Chem-Academy

On the 25th and 26th of October 2021, we finally had the chance to be at an on-site conference again. After a year of virtual events, this was a much-welcomed change. The 13th annual conference on CLP Classification, Labelling, and Packaging organized by the Chem-Academy was a hybrid event. It gave the participants the flexibility to either be on-site in Bonn or participate virtually.

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Conference on CLP Art. 45

Chem-Academy CLP Article 45 Workshop - 2021

The Chem-Academy workshops are one of the more popular events on the safe use of chemicals and regulations. Aimed at product safety managers, we were happy to have had the opportunity to meet with many familiar people and faces. We have always been a part of the CLP Article 45 Regulation workshop since it first started in 2018.

We look forward to the following events, where we hopefully get to meet in person again. For now, here are some highlights of this one.

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opesus presented at WSM Information Day about SCIP

WSM Information Day – SCIP

The German industrial group for steel and metal processing (WSM: Wirtschaftsverband Stahl- und Metallverarbeitung e.V.) had an information day for its members on November 5th regarding the SCIP database. We were honored to have had the opportunity to present to the group about our SAP-based solution for SCIP.

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