Submission Service Management

Collaborate with service providers to register and notify your products

Managing product compliance is increasingly tedious - different regulations require different data points or have different actors from multiple organizations involved. Product stewards often find that they have difficulty keeping track of the compliance status of products, especially if they have to collaborate with several internal and external parties. This may in turn result in missing submissions which sometimes have unfavorable outcomes such as penalties, unhappy customers, or missed revenue. 

Submission Service Management helps fulfill your registration and notification obligations by enabling true collaboration, exchanging compliance-related data easily and securely with your service providers, and leveraging your single source of truth with native integration into SAP product compliance. 


Supports requirements such as:

  • Turkey SDS
  • K-OSHA
  • Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI)
  • Norwegian Environmental Agency
  • Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency (Tukes)



True Collaboration With Your Service Providers

  • Keep track of compliance status and information flow of your products
  • Collaborate with internal and external actors with a task-focused approach to fulfilling compliance
  • Transparency and insight - have all the information, documents, and data required available in a task
ESI - 8 - Solid Technology

Leverage Single Source of Truth

  • Native integration in SAP's product compliance solutions
  • Efficiently use or extract data and documents from your SAP system
  • Automatically identify and evaluate relevant changes and trigger updates or new submissions
Secure Document

Securely Exchange Data

  • Convenient and secure access for external service providers to tasks and data
  • Control user access with robust user identity management
  • Protect data confidentiality by using state-of-the-art encryption technology

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