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Integrity is our guiding principle


We help you reach your sustainability goals

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We help customers choose and implement sustainability software solutions from SAP. Our focus is SAP EHS Management. We cover the full range of implementation from scoping to design and blueprinting, build, test and cutover to production. Our commitment is success for each and every of our customer’s projects.


The opesus team has a unique wealth of experience from our days at SAP and TechniData, working as consultants, developers and product managers for SAP EHS Management. We leverage this ability to develop in-house enhancements for our customers that are well designed, using state-of-the-art technology and achieving programming excellence.


Leveraging our technical expertise, we also offer products that extend and compliment the capability of standard SAP:

Cover your legal obligation to transmit your product information to authorities using data within your SAP EH&S system. Learn more

Implement SAP EHSM Product Compliance fast and at a fixed price. Learn more

Save time with this migration and mass data maintenance tool for SAP EHS Management. Learn more

Our good reputation is the basis of our success!

About opesus

opesus provides SAP-based consulting and software solutions that allow companies to run a sustainable business.

The company was founded by former employees of the Sustainability Department of SAP, previously of TechniData. The opesus team’s extensive product development and deep technical expertise provides a unique offering that delivers effective and efficient technical solutions, especially around SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management. opesus encompasses competence, flexibility, professionalism, and integrity in their work, resulting in outstanding client satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Competent

    To serve our clients we strive to hire and grow the best talent. By providing excellent conditions to work and live we allow everyone on our team to achieve excellence as consultants and developers.

  • Honorable

    Our integrity and treating customers honest and fair is very important to us. We are more than happy to get you in contact with our customers so they can share their stories about working with us.

  • Sustainable

    We specialize in SAP EHS Management, because we believe that the sustainability solutions from SAP are the best way for a company to incorporate and improve sustainability in everyday processes. We call that “operative sustainability.”