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Technical expertise combined with extensive experience in the field of SAP product compliance solutions, we offer solutions that extend and complement the capability of standard SAP. Make the most of your existing SAP system with our solutions!

Our software solutions are designed for product stewardship and compliance as well as sharing of chemical registration data.

  • Registra centralizes chemical registrations, fostering internal and external collaboration while connecting essential data sources, including IUCLID, SAP Product Safety, Document Management Systems, and Excel. It integrates seamlessly with LoA Market.
  • LoA Market is a new and innovative offering connecting owners of chemical registration data and companies that need letters of access (LoA) and rights to that data.
  • opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC) enables companies from discrete and process industries using SAP to collaborate with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities in an easy and intuitive way.

Our 160 customers combined have more than 3 million employees and 1 trillion € of annual revenue. We collaborate closely with SAP, industry, and authorities, making us the first and best choice whenever customers of SAP have requirements not covered by SAP' standard solutions for sustainability.

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Products & Services

Operative Sustainability

Process Manufacturing

Process Industries

Does your company deal with formulas and recipes? Chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries are some of the industries that fall under process manufacturing.

We help you manage compliance!

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Industries

Does your company assemble products and uses bills-of-material? Automotive, machinery, and electronics are some of the industries that fall under discrete manufacturing.

We help you be more efficient!

SAP Consulting


Our in-depth knowledge of SAP Sustainability solutions is the core of our offering. Whether it's SAP Product Safety or SAP Product and REACH Compliance - we were there from the start.

We help you build the optimal solution!

Market-Leading Solution

Compliance Management in SAP

We believe in having a single source of truth. With our solutions, you can prepare, create and manage your legal obligations such as Poison Centre Notification (CLP Art. 45, Annex VIII) or the SCIP Database notifications (Waste Framework Directive) within your SAP system. 

Find out why over 110 companies chose our solution to manage complex requirements such as the Poison Centre Notification and the SCIP Database.

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