A Glimpse of opesus EPN for EU SCIP Format

Product Demo EPN for EU SCIP Format

Are you still looking for a solution to cover the end-to-end SCIP notification process automatically for you?
Then you are exactly at the right place!

opesus offers a comprehensive solution, called opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN) for EU SCIP Format, that supports SAP customers to fulfill their compliance requirements regarding the Waste Framework Directive.

What can you expect from the preview? - A lot!

In our free product demo, we introduce the core functionalities of EPN SCIP...

  • leverage existing data in your SAP ERP
  • automatic determination of declarable products
  • handling of simplified SCIP notifications
  • submission of dossiers and SCIP number handling
  • integrated validation checks

...in less than 3 minutes! Check it out: 


Want more details? – Great!

We look forward to diving deeper with you into the functionalities of EPN and finding out how you can benefit the most from a fully automated SCIP compliance solution!