Yordas Group and opesus join forces to enhance product compliance for the discrete industry using SAP Product Compliance Applications

opesus and Yordas partnership for discrete industry

The partnership between opesus and Yordas allows businesses to manage compliance requirements by integrating Yordas' Hive platform, a chemical risk management tool with SAP product compliance applications via opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC), a centralized hub designed to support collaboration with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities.This unique partnership offers a variety of benefits, including a real-time chemical regulatory data service integrated into SAP, a measured-to-fit data service the is specific to each client's needs, real-time risk management, and access to Yordas' consulting services to resolve any compliance issues. Overall, this collaboration provides businesses with an innovative and comprehensive solution to manage their chemical regulatory compliance requirements, saving time and resources while enabling full compliance with regulations.

Case Study Example


Constantly evolving regulatory lists, such as REACH SVHC, California Prop 65, EU RoHS, China RoHS, and Korea RoHS, present substantial challenges for discrete manufacturers. For one, monitoring these lists for changes is challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, translating the regulatory text into an IT-usable format for processing within a product compliance solution requires technical know-how. In short, managing regulatory compliance requires constant attention and thorough regulatory and IT implementation knowledge.

Our client - a discrete manufacturer - is using SAP Product and REACH Compliance to manage their product compliance obligations. To support their product compliance processes, they decided to look for a content provider that has regulatory data for discrete manufacturers and an efficient method to make that data usable within SAP Product and REACH Compliance out of the box.


Discrete manufacturers encounter significant challenges due to the lack of up-to-date regulatory list data in their product compliance software. This is where the partnership between opesus and Yordas Hive comes in.

The integration of the Yordas Hive platform with opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC) helps businesses efficiently manage regulatory updates when using SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

Yordas' Hive tracks and updates regulatory lists, which can then be imported with a simple guided procedure into SAP Product and REACH Compliance via opesus' PCC. This supports discrete manufacturers to check their product structure again up-to-date regulatory data en masse, saving both time and effort while enabling full compliance with regulations.

What's Next

From a Yordas Group perspective, we can see a growing demand for our Hive data as organizations assess the safety and marketability of their products. With our partnership with opesus, we are able to offer data continuity by providing access to the Hive Chemical regulatory data within the client's SAP instance alongside the Yordas Consultancy service.

opesus-Mark-1“Regulatory content tailored for discrete manufacturers is the missing piece for our customers. We are glad that we can close this gap by integrating Yordas’s Hive data directly into SAP. Clients no longer have to leave their SAP system to manage compliance!”

Mark Pfister
Product Manager at opesus

Coming from a background in consulting services, Yordas has the capacity to complement regulatory data with full-service consultancy. This offers our clients the confidence of knowing we have both the data needed to identify risk and the in-house subject expertise to support and manage key regulatory needs.

opesus has decades of experience in implementing SAP product compliance applications for discrete manufacturers around the globe. Drawing from their extensive development and product management background at SAP, opesus excels in creating fully integrated solutions that enhance and complement SAP product compliance applications.

Combining YG and opesus brings knowledge and understanding of the chemical regulatory landscape to discrete manufacturers using SAP. Our cost-effective and comprehensive approach to chemical regulatory management is a formula that we think the discrete industries are now looking to adopt. 

If you’re using SAP and would like to enhance your business with regulatory content tailored to discrete manufacturers, drop us an email (contact@yordas). To learn more about opesus, visit our website. To learn more about Yordas Hive, you can visit the website here.


About opesus/ Who is opesus?

Opesus provides SAP-based software solutions and consulting that allow companies to run sustainable business. Our extensive product development and technical expertise allows us to offer effective and efficient technical solutions that complement the offering from SAP. We collaborate closely with SAP, industry and authorities, making us the first and best choice whenever customers of SAP have requirements not covered by SAP’s standard solutions for product compliance.


About Yordas / Who Is Yordas?

Yordas Group is a leading international provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory and sustainability services.  Crosscutting themes such as Sustainability, Product Stewardship, Chemical Notification Systems, Environmental Permitting and Waste Management are within the broad portfolio of services we use to provide value to some of the biggest brands in the world.