Announcement: New Product Compliance Solution for Collaboration

opesus product compliance collaboration

Our experience working with customers from various industries shows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to exchanging compliance information internally, with service providers, or within the supply chain. And yet, there is a universal need and wish for a structured yet adaptable approach that supports and complements the single source of truth. Especially if you consider the increasing complexity of regulations. This is exactly what our new solution, opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC), aims to do – orchestrate the different channels and data sources in an efficient and auditable way.opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC) is designed for you to collaborate with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities in an easy and intuitive way. This new solution by opesus is a centralized collaboration hub for SAP Product Compliance that works seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, and SAP Ariba.

About Product Compliance Collaboration

Product Compliance Collaboration allows companies using SAP to orchestrate their interactions with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities in an easy and intuitive way. Our vision for PCC is a centralized collaboration hub for SAP Product Compliance that supports both discrete and process industries. PCC provides powerful and effective collaboration capabilities, that will work seamlessly with SAP product compliance solutions.

Developed in Close Collaboration With SAP

Using the latest SAP development technologies, opesus Product Compliance Collaboration will be developed on SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP). Working closely with SAP product development team, PCC will be tightly coupled to solutions in SAP such as Product Marketability and Product Compliance. 

"Everybody who is involved in Product Compliance knows that it is a lot about collecting information, aggregating it on the right level, and providing it into the necessary channels, so that it is available internally, to customers, and authorities as needed. In short: it is all about collaboration within the supply chain, and integration into the end-to-end business process.

SAP S/4HANA for product compliance is addressing the integration very well, from supplier-material checks in purchasing, marketability checks in sales, SDS shipments in delivery, to detailed dangerous goods check in transportation, to just name a few. And the SAP Business Network is definitely a strong basis for collaboration with any business partner around the world.

But there is no “one fits all” network to cover all needs. When it comes to Product Compliance, more specific approaches promise better results. That’s why I was excited to learn that our long-standing and trusted partner opesus is announcing its new flagship product “opesus Product Compliance Collaboration”. It will provide our customers additional options for collecting compliance data and collaborating within the supply chain. With opesus’ proven expertise – e.g. being the market leading software provider for EU Poison Centre Notifications – I’m sure opesus PCC will perfectly complement SAP’s existing offerings. We will work closely with opesus to make that happen."

Ralf Coenning
Chief Product Owner, Product Compliance at SAP

Product Compliance Collaboration will be developed as a cloud and on-premise solution designed to work with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, and SAP Ariba. For our existing customers of our market-leading solution, EHS Product Notification (EPN), do note that PCC will be a new solution to cover product notification processes under S/4HANA as available in EPN today.

Flexibility - From Technical Design to Available Features

close up of hand showing illuminated light bulb icon on a wooden block puzzle as innovation concept

PCC is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. We as opesus work closely with customers from diverse industries. We know that they have a diverse set of suppliers and customers, and more importantly, different system to support their compliance needs. Therefore, PCC is designed to support customers on SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC. Additionally, PCC has an innovative architecture where you can choose which services you require to create your unique Product Compliance Collaboration system.

The first release, estimated Q2 2023, will have the following services available:

  • Submission Service Management
    • Fulfil your registration and notification obligations by exchanging data with service providers.
    • Example use case: User opesus PCC - Submission Service Management in combination with a service provider to submit notifications in Turkey.
  • Partner Direct Input
    • Collect product compliance data and information from suppliers

More services are planned to be available and will be announced when they are planned for development.

Join Our Pilot Program

Our mission is to always create solutions that are relevant and applicable to various industries. As we develop Product Compliance Collaboration and prepare for our launch in 2023, you can help us! Grab the opportunity to provide your input directly with our development team in our pilot program. Contact us today to learn more!