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Efficient Material Compliance: The Role of Automation in Compliance Checks

The Challenge: Time-Consuming Manual Compliance Checks

Meeting material compliance requirements of the EU-RoHS Directive was a process challenge for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. As they manually administered compliance checks with the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, every new regulatory requirement made the manual process increasingly complex.

A manual and time-consuming process often led to uncertainties regarding compliance requirements. The legal basis of REACH Article 33(1), which requires the transfer of compliance information along the supply chain, placed further demands on the already stretched compliance process. Therefore, having an efficient and central material compliance solution at BEKO TECHNOLGOIES quickly became an urgent need.

The Software of Choice: SAP Product and REACH Compliance

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES opted for SAP Product and REACH Compliance as their digital material compliance solution to replace their manually maintained spreadsheets. This was the software of choice as it allows for the management of both internal compliance information and external supplier declarations. Additionally, through the power of automation, the compliance status of every article, from a purchased screw to the finished product, is continuously monitored.

With a centralized solution, the entire product portfolio can be filtered based on various criteria such as specific regulations or substances. Information can be found quickly. This facilitates the targeted transfer of compliance information within the supply chain and results in significant time savings.


Quick Facts About BEKO

  • Founding Year: 1982
  • HQ: Neuss, Germany
  • Industry: Mechanical Engineering
  • No. of Employees: > 650
  • International Presence: 15 Countries
  • Revenue: 144 Mio. € (2023)
  • Official Website: 
The collaboration with opesus went smoothly. We appreciate opesus' accessibility, prompt implementation of our requirements, and structured approach to topics related to SAP Product Compliance. Christian Riedel Head of Quality Management International at BEKO
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The Implementation Partner of Choice: opesus

From the first conversations, opesus displayed a deep understanding of the specific requirements of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. opesus’ attractive offering of a pragmatic and quick implementation time to introduce SAP Product and REACH Compliance meant that BEKO TECHNOLOGIES could get up and running quickly. This also left room for the possibility to expand the solution at any time to include further requirements.

opesus' software solutions simplify the day-to-day material compliance process through their seamless integration into SAP. opesus EU SCIP Notification automatically transmits SCIP notifications to the European Chemicals Agency as soon as a product is identified as “EU REACH - Duty-to-Declare” in SAP Product Compliance. opesus EHSM Smart Input, on the other hand, eases the mass data maintenance of supplier declarations and documents.

The transparent and honest advice from opesus created trust and laid the foundation for a successful collaboration. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES not only benefited from opesus’ expertise and experience, but also from the SAP-based software solutions. This enabled BEKO TECHNOLOGIES to achieve the maximum value of an automated process and significantly enhanced their material compliance efficiency.