EHS Product Notification Version 5.0

Billboard with EHS Product Notification 5.0

We are proud to announce that the latest version of opesus EHS Product Notification, version 5.0, is now available! This new release is extra special as it includes a new format - Chemicals Marketability Data Exchange (CMDE). This new format is introduced to enable companies to exchange marketability data along the supply chain. Read on to find out more about CMDE and our new features!

New Format: Chemicals Marketability Data Exchange (CMDE)

This new format is designed to standardize the exchange of inventory status information on products in the supply chain. Use it now to provide marketability data to your customers! No separate license or subscription is required to create and send the format.

EPN 5.0 for Swiss BAG Notifications

Version 5.0 contains an update of the value list mapping. The value Aerosol Dispenser is obsolete and has been removed. Instead, customers must now use the new values Aerosol / compressed gas dispenser or Aerosol / hand pump dispenser.

EPN 5.0 for EU C&L Inventory Notifications

The internal/external value mapping for the classification of flammable gases has been extended. Additionally, the determination of specific concentration limits has also been improved. If concentration limits without hazard class and category are present, such as for EUH 031 and EUH 032, the ECHA Submission Portal returns validation errors. These concentration limits can now be filtered to enable the submission of C&L notifications.

EPN 5.0 for EU Poison Center Notifications (PCN)

Limited Submission for Industrial Use

Format generation for limited submissions for mixtures for industrial use is now supported! To be able to use limited submission, the following requirements must be met:

  • The mixture must be intended for industrial use only or their final use of the product must not be subject to the notification requirement. If the mixture is intended as a raw material for the formulation of further end products, these end products must also only be intended for industrial use.
  • A hotline must be provided in the language required by the member state for rapid access to product information. The hotline must be available 24/7.
  • The hotline must have access to the detailed information on the composition of the mixture (the same information requirements apply as for a standard notification).

From our experience, most companies do NOT meet the above requirements. Therefore, check carefully whether you meet the requirements before using the limited submission! A very good and widely used alternative is to use the PCN rule set to randomize the composition to protect confidential business information and send a standard submission.

Other Improvements for PCN Format

Furthermore, version 5.0 for PCN format contains updated texts of the validation rules published with the IUCLID October Release 2023.

The ALE distribution of product and UFI information in logistics systems has been improved. Delta distribution is now possible, which requires significantly fewer system resources.

The output of toxicological information in PCN format has been improved for users of sphera content, the prefix "ZCE " of the property name is now removed by default. A conversion report for existing data is also included in the new release.

EPN 5.0 for EU SCIP Database

The default article category determination BAdI was enhanced, to also consider the default value determination if no article category could be determined. It is now possible to use the default picklist selection for article category by only using configuration.