First Order on LoA Market

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully completed our first sale on LoA Market in December 2023. Since then, we have witnessed a surge in orders from various companies.

For those who are not familiar, LoA Market is an online marketplace for providers of chemical registration data and companies who need rights to that data.

LoA Market streamlines data sharing by connecting chemical registration data providers with other companies. It enables data providers to upload essential information such as studies and chemical safety reports through an intuitive self-service interface. In turn, companies that are looking to purchase data rights can easily log on to to acquire a letter of access (LoA) just like at a regular web shop.

But what are the benefits of using LoA Market for Data Providers? There are 3 key advantages:

  • Improved Business Operations: opesus shoulders admin burden by handling contracts, invoicing, customer support, LoA generation, payments and shipping.
  • Simple Data Upload: data owners can easily provide data on to the web shop via a self-service interface and collaborate with other data owners to create a data package containing all data for registrations.
  • Attractive & Transparent Pricing: the platform is completely free for data providers. That means no on-boarding costs or hidden handling charges for data owners. Only buyers are billed a transparent service fee per purchased data package.

We warmly welcome both, data providers and buyers, to join us on LoA Market and to be a part of this initiative to make data sharing easy, more efficient and affordable! Feel free to contact us!

Learn more about the recent KKDIK compliance alert and the extended registration deadlines, and check out our article on how to prepare for KKDIK registration.