Latest Release: opesus EPN for SCIP Database - Version 4.1

SCIP Database

From January 2021, users must submit notifications in the SCIP database format to the ECHA portal. The newest release of opesus EPN is fully packed with new features that help companies meet their SCIP reporting obligations in the most efficient way possible! Here's an overview of some of them.

Simplified SCIP Notifications (SSN)

Instead of sending a complete dataset in a standard SCIP notification, companies can submit simplified SCIP notifications (SSN). SSN utilizes data from articles submitted to the SCIP database by other legal entities. Companies, especially distributors, can reduce their SCIP notification workload.

IIn opesus EPN, we support SSN in two ways:

  • After a master legal entity has submitted a dossier, all other legal entities submit SSNs that reference the SCIP number from the notification submitted by the master legal entity.
  • Use the SCIP number that you received from a supplier for a part that you distribute. Note that SSN is only allowed by ECHA when no modifications to the article have been made.

Change Document Processing

Process automation saves a considerable amount of time for many of our customers. In opesus EPN for the SCIP format, customers can configure several triggers to automate the business process of managing SCIP notifications. In this latest release, a change document framework is available for process automation.

With this new trigger, opesus EPN can react to business processes managed outside of EPN, such as engineering changes, trade classification updates, and new market introduction. In other words, the change document framework assesses changes in the system and considers their relevance for SCIP notification. The default configuration includes implementations for changes to material masters and to the bill of materials (BOM), and can easily be extended to consider additional sources as well.

How are you managing SCIP notifications?

The features listed above are just some of the new features available with opesus EPN 4.1. Are you unsatisfied with how you’re handling SCIP notifications and wish for an automated process? Over 90 customers have chosen opesus EPN to support their various product notification requirements. Contact us to find out why!

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