Latest Release: opesus EPN for SCIP Database - Version 4.3

opesus Update for EPN SCIP

We are proud to announce that the latest version of opesus EHS Product Notification, version 4.3, is now available! This new release brings with it improvements and features for submitting information to the ECHA SCIP Database.

Here’s a brief look at the new features available for SCIP reporting with version 4.3:

Performance Improvements

The new release brings with it performance improvements in several areas for EPN SCIP such as Process Automation, Notification Search, Legal Entity Assignment, etc. It is now possible to adjust the logic behind searching for the latest notification status for an article and legal entity combination.

For example, for process automation, performance improvements were made for event types that are related to updating material assignments and article data.

MDM Template Update

A small update has been made to the Mass Data Maintenance template. This update affects the Complex Object Components tab, where it is optimized to match articles with different ID types, thus avoiding creating duplicate records for EPN SCIP.

S2S Key Management Update

ECHA announced an update in October 2021 regarding system-to-system connectivity. The generation of S2S keys is now user-specific, meaning the username must now be included in the token creation to create a valid JWT token. We updated EPN SCIP to reflect the update.