opesus Team Week and a Look at Sustainability

wordcloud opesus thinks about own sustainability

In our virtual Winter Office Week, we once again dealt with many exciting topics. One session was dedicated to sustainability – a topic that is important to us. We also want to live up to our company name: opesus is made up of the words operative and sustainability. Good reasons to take a fresh look at old patterns of behavior and decide on some innovations to improve on our sustainability.

Why Should We Act Sustainably?

Manuela Opas, who joined opesus this year, provided the introduction: In view of the increasingly negative effects of overpopulation and dwindling resources on our environment, awareness of sustainable action must grow within the company and for everyone. As the team is already personally interested in sustainability, it is therefore already practiced a lot within the company to make decisions that consider environmental, social, and economic aspects as well as their impact on the future.

Based on the measures we are already taking, we worked in groups to find further ways in which we can make certain areas more sustainable. Specifically, we looked at (occupational) health and safety, employment, social aspects, travelling and commuting, and sustainability in the office.  After the groups presented their results, we voted on the points we would like to tackle first.


Health and Safety in the Workplace

Our workplaces are already ergonomically designed, including very high-quality office chairs and height-adjustable desks. This helps to minimize work-related stress. Also, it is no problem to organize your time flexibly at opesus and, for example, use a longer break for sports or go for a walk with your colleagues. We want to define guidelines and obtain information on other ways to improve the health of our employees.

Diversity Statement

We attach great importance to our great corporate culture and are always looking for people who fit in with us (have you seen our video?). As a team, we want to make a difference, create compelling results, and enjoy our work. We are open-minded and love a colorful and diverse team. Therefore, we would like to make it even more public by formulating a diversity statement for our career webpage.

Traveling and Commuting

During the Corona pandemic, many commutes to work and all business trips were eliminated. Even before this time, we travelled consciously. We opted for trains and bicycles or walked as often as possible. Now we want to define recommendations for our business trips and commutes to work to do something good for ourselves and the environment. And we will check whether having company bikes make sense for us.

Rethinking Sustainable Action Again and Again

With our consulting and software solutions, we enable companies to introduce and implement sustainable processes. However, it is not only through our work, but also through our behavior in the company and, of course, through the daily actions of everyone that something can be changed. We want to constantly rethink what steps we can take to establish and expand sustainable behaviors, so that a dignified life is possible for future generations and at the same time our own quality of life and enjoyment of life can increase.