50 Days Left to PCN Deadline – ECHA Announces Enforcement

PCN deadline

There are 50 days left to the first poison centre compliance date. ECHA announced in their latest newsletter that, in addition to national measures, the Enforcement Forum will focus on this obligation in a pilot project, starting mid-2022. Companies that produce mixtures that are classified for health or physical hazards have the duty to comply with the CLP Art. 45, Annex VIII – also known as the poison centre notification (PCN). PCN aims to provide harmonized information about mixtures to relevant national bodies so that it is available to national poison centres.

Are Companies Ready to Comply with PCN Requirements?

The upcoming compliance date – 1st January 2021 – applies to hazardous mixtures placed on the market for consumer and professional use. Companies that sell mixtures to industrial users might still be affected by this compliance date if their mixtures end up in mixtures for consumer or professional use.

Watch this video by ECHA about the poison centre notifications:


Many companies have kicked-off projects to comply with the requirements in 2019. Despite the early start that some companies had, postponement of the initial deadline of 1st January 2020 was very much welcomed. This is because the PCN requirements require detailed information about mixtures that fall under the scope of this regulation. Preparation in ensuring compliance and integrating the new requirements into existing business processes requires often more time than initially anticipated.

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