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opesus EHS Product Notification (opesus EPN) is our flagship software that supports the end-to-end process of product notifications for SAP® customers to fulfill their legal obligations. opesus EPN supports both process and discrete manufacturing thanks to its innovative software architecture. With opesus EPN, companies can leverage data in their ERP solution to ensure compliance simply and efficiently.

opesus EPN supports

Notifications of Products

According to CLP Art. 45, Annex VIII importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures classified for human health or physical hazards on the market are required to submit a notification (poison centre notification, PCN) to the ECHA / appointed bodies.

From 5 January 2021, companies supplying articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) on the Candidate List in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) on the EU market have to submit information on these articles to ECHA SCIP database as outlined in the Waste Framework Directive.

In Switzerland, companies are required to submit information on their chemical products to the Swiss BAG (Schweizer Bundesamt für Gesundheit).

Manufacturers and distributors are required to notify formulations to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) for hazardous mixtures, biocides, detergents, and cleaning agents.

Why choose opesus?

Besides our unique skill set of knowing the technical and development background of SAP EHS, opesus is also involved with various organizations to ensure that opesus EPN will stay the solution of choice.

We at opesus:

  • Are an active participant in the ECHA IT Tools user group such as for CLP Article 45 and the SCIP database (for more information, see the ECHA page)
  • Engage and work directly with national authorities
  • Collaborate with various SAP EHS user groups
  • Work in conjunction with SAP product management and development
  • Have conducted over 50 workshops with various players in the chemical industry
  • EPN was chosen by 8 out of the 10 largest German chemical companies

Business Requirements

Product notifications are mandatory and must be completed before a product can be placed on the market. Producers, importers or downstream users are required to do this using specific formats. Depending on the country where you are placing the product, requirements may be different. For example, in Germany the XProduct-Notification XML exchange format is used.

If you’re an SAP customer, you mostly likely store substance and formulation data in the specification database. We are sure that you want to leverage that existing data wherever possible – opesus EPN works directly with your SAP system.

System Requirements

opesus EHS Product Notification solution is based on SAP standard technology and expands SAP EH&S – no modifications needed. Hence,

SAP ERP is required (Release 6.0, EhP 7 or higher). While not mandatory, we recommend to use SAP EH&S or SAP EHSM.

If you use SAP ERP without SAP EH&S or SAP EHSM, feel free to contact us.

Your Benefits

 Market leading solution for SAP customers

 Default configuration for SAP standard properties and phrases

 Configurable to meet customer’s SAP setup

Flexible framework for multiple formats

 Built-in data validation, workflow, traceability