SCIP Database Reporting for Non-EU Companies

SCIP Database Reporting Non-EU

The SCIP database requirements pose a challenge not just to companies in the EU, but also non-EU companies whose customers are in the EU. Companies not located in the EU are faced with requirements from EU customers as they face new regulations related to increased environmental pressure, such as the Waste Framework Directive. Hence, non-EU companies should understand the goals of the SCIP database and comply with its obligations. 

  • What is the SCIP database?
    As part of the EU's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the EU established the Waste Framework Directive (WFD). The WFD lays the ground for waste management in the EU. Out of this, the SCIP database was established in order to track substances of very high concern (SVHC) used in manufacturing. If you like to go deeper into this topic, see How Do Updates of REACH SVHC Impact SCIP Database Notifications.

  • My company is not located in the EU, but my products are available in the EU. Do I need to send notifications to the SCIP database?
    SCIP database notifications coming from companies outside of the EU are not accepted by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). If a non-EU company is placing products on the EU market, this is most likely through an importer. In this case, the obligation to submit a SCIP database notification lies on the importer. Nevertheless, the non-EU company should support your customers in the EU and your importers by providing the relevant information necessary for them to complete the SCIP database notifications. One key information is the presence of SVHCs as listed in the Candidate List in the supplied products or articles.

  • Do I need an ECHA account to support my EU customer for SCIP database notifications?
    No. Non-EU companies do not need an ECHA account to support their customers in fulfilling SCIP database notifications. However, if you have an account with the ECHA SCIP Database, you can have access to additional services and information from ECHA's website that might be relevant to your business and your organization. Additionally, you might be able to make article declarations on behalf of your customer as a "foreign user".

  • What is a "foreign user"?
    A foreign user is an external user who has been appointed by a legal entity to act on their behalf. This means that the company grants the "foreign user" access to their ECHA account. For example, an EU importer may set up contractual agreements with their non-EU suppliers to act on their behalf.

  • As a non-EU company, how can I create an ECHA account?
    The registration of a non-EU company on the ECHA portal can be through the ECHA cloud services. A full explanation of the registration process can be found here.

  • Nevertheless, can opesus EPN support me to manage information relevant to the SCIP database?
    Absolutely! opesus EPN can be used by both EU and non-EU companies to manage and fulfill their SCIP database obligations. Our solution efficiently assists the management of relevant information throughout the entire business process. The only pre-requisite is that you are using SAP. If you would like to know more, see our product page: opesus EHS Product Notification for SCIP Database Format.