Customer Story - Jungheinrich

Harmonizing Sustainability with Efficiency: Establishing a Centralized Material Compliance Solution

The Challenge

At Jungheinrich, there was no overarching material compliance system across the various business divisions. This means that in order to determine the exact compliance status of Jungheinrich’s products, it was necessary to check and align diverse sources of information.

This process proved to be inefficient and time-consuming. On top of that, it became clear that there were data gaps, which makes it even more difficult to ensure a comprehensive material compliance.

How could these challenges be solved?

In 2022, Jungheinrich made the decision to implement SAP Product and REACH Compliance – a centralized IT system for managing compliance information. This created transparency about the compliance status of Jungheinrich products. Additionally, the system enabled the evaluation of various regulatory requirements such as REACH, RoHS, TSCA, or POP.

Since the implementation of the solution, Jungheinrich has been able to monitor and confirm the current compliance status of its products and get insights into the compliance history of their products.


Quick Facts About Jungheinrich

  • Name: Jungheinrich AG
  • Founding Year: 1953
  • HQ: Hamburg, Germany
  • Industry: Materials Handling
  • No. of Employees: >21,000
  • Global Network: 12 Production Sites, Service & Sales in 42 Countries
  • Revenue: 5,5 bil. € (2023)
  • Official Website:
The holistic and user-friendly approach of opesus AG effectively guided us through unfamiliar territory during the project and helped us achieve our goals regarding product compliance. Andrea Sujda Material Compliance/Environment Specialist at Jungheinrich
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Why opesus?

In search of a competent implementation partner and solution provider for SAP Product and REACH Compliance, Jungheinrich became aware of opesus. The following factors were crucial in this regard:


Successful Through Teamwork

The pragmatic approach and flexibility of opesus made it possible to successfully integrate Jungheinrich’s complex products in SAP Product Compliance.

At the same time, opesus reacted promptly to changes in the project scope, allowing unforeseen requirements to be implemented effectively during the implementation project. These include, for example, additional material compliance regulations.

Jungheinrich's project goals were achieved quickly, with high quality and cost-effectively, thanks to the collaborative partnership with opesus.