ECHA SCIP IT User Group on March 25th, 2021

taking notes for a meeting

Missed the ECHA SCIP IT User Group meeting or curious to see what was discussed? Here are the highlights and a quick summary.

Dissemination Portal – Delayed

The dissemination portal is a separate portal intended for consumers, authorities, and waste operators. Users of the portal can search for articles and view the most updated information about the article that has been notified to the SCIP database.

The dissemination portal was initially planned to be available by end of Q1 2021 or early Q2 2021. Due to technical issues, the ECHA SCIP Dissemination Portal will be delayed. During the meeting, no specific dates or time periods were mentioned.

10 Million SCIP Notifications!

ECHA has received almost 10, 000, 000 SCIP notifications. This means that since the previous meeting on January 28th, 2021, more than 2.5 million new notifications were made. Approximately 83% of these submissions were done via system-to-system integration.

Furthermore, almost half of all notifications were in the simplified format. A simplified SCIP notification utilizes data from articles that are already submitted to the SCIP database by other companies. This means that instead of providing a full dataset, they reference data from a different legal entity. For more information about this, see our article on SCIP Supply Chain Communication.

Improvements to IUCLID Cloud

As it is after all an IT user group, the main focus of the meeting was on the IUCLID tools and the submission portal. If you’re using IUCLID cloud, keep a lookout for the following improvements:

  • better handling of portfolio management
    • new search criteria, which means you could search with other names and identifiers
    • export of search results, which means you could save the list of articles, dataset and dossier lists to your system
  • better reporting functionality
    • improve handling for creating full PDF datasets and dossiers
    • ability to customize SCIP IUCLID reports where you could create notification preview reports while protecting confidential or sensitive information

A few other planned features for the ECHA Submission Portal were also presented. If you’re interested to see what is in the works, check out the meeting notes from the SCIP IT user group meetings. Otherwise, we look forward to the next meeting which will take place on May 27th, 2021. How many notifications do you think ECHA will receive until the next meeting?