Successful SCIP Submission with EPN

successful submission with opesus EPN

We are proud to announce that the first customer successfully submitted a dossier to the ECHA SCIP Database out of their SAP system.

Support for the SCIP format within opesus EPN was released in July (see SAP-based Solution for SCIP Database Notifications).  Integrated into SAP ERP, companies can manage their SCIP notifications completely within their SAP system. Opesus EPN covers the end-to-end process of product notification – from data maintenance of articles and products that require notification through to notification management such as reviewing notifications due to product changes.

Managing SCIP Obligations with EPN SCIP

EPN SCIP leverages data in your SAP ERP. It can be used standalone or together with SAP EHSM. With EPN SCIP, you can do the following:

  • Efficiently manage ECHA master data such as reference substances and picklist files
  • Create articles-as-such manually via Excel template or automatically via integration with ERP systems such as S/4HANA Product Compliance or SAP EHSM
  • Automate completion of article data through mapping rules
  • Execute where-used search to create affected complex objects
  • Utilize material sales organization and plan assignments to assign legal entities to products
  • Ensure compliance with SCIP data standards through automatic data validations
  • Generate and submit dossiers directly to ECHA SCIP Database

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