100 Customers Are Using opesus EPN!

100 opesus EPN Customers

We are so excited to share with you that we have now 100 customers using our solution opesus EHS Product Notification! We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their trust and our team of developers and consultants for their hard work in ensuring its success. Read on to learn how we got here and about our vision for what’s next.

Journey to 100!

Opesus EHS Product Notification (EPN) is today synonymously known for many customers as the “opesus solution”. We are ok with that because EPN is our flagship solution. (We’ve seen job ads desiring know-how in the opesus solution 😉).

Development for EPN started in 2012. The very first product notification that it supported is the format for Germany (the BfR format) and later, for Switzerland (the BAG format). When ECHA announced the harmonization of information for emergency health response in 2016, we invested most of our efforts into developing EPN to fulfil the poison centre notifications (PCN) with the vision of being the best solution for SAP customers.

Today, we are proud to be the solution of choice among SAP customers. Whether large multi-national companies or boutique-sized companies, we are happy that customers from around the world understand and appreciate the value and benefits our solution brings to them. We are convinced that our solution is the most effective and the most efficient when it comes to managing requirements such as the poison centre notifications or the SCIP database requirements.

One Sogrowing plantslution Supports Many Requirements for Product Notifications

Yes, that’s right. Opesus EPN supports several product notification requirements. The EPN engine is the basis of the solution and only needs to be licensed once. This gives customers the choice of which product notification formats they would like to purchase. Thus, ensuring that customers only pay for what they need.

opesus EPN is widely used in process industries. We also support companies in discrete industries with the SCIP database requirement as outlined in the Waste Framework Directive (WFD). As the solution runs on SAP, opesus EPN can be implemented to cover several product notification requirements. Some of our customers use opesus EPN to cover both poison centre notifications and SCIP database requirements.

What’s Next?

With 100 customers, we are honored by the trust placed in us and we take it seriously. Besides providing maintenance to keep up with IUCLID format changes or SVHC Candidate List updates, we strive to implement new features that bring even more convenience to our customers.

Additionally, we will be expanding our solution to support other types of product notifications. In the very near future, we will be renewing our support for the Swiss BAG format to provide Swiss UFI support as the compliance deadline is January 1st, 2022. Beyond that, we can’t reveal it to you yet 😉