Working at opesus in times of Coronavirus

How have you done so far in the first and hopefully only pandemic of our lives? What a surreal situation! We hope, you are well!

Like many others, the CEO and the team of opesus had to make some difficult decisions and adapt their behavior to the new situation. How do we handle customer appointments? How will we continue to work in the coming weeks? What will happen to the major events we had planned for 2020? We are following the developments around the virus closely and would like to inform you about the measures we have taken to protect everybody’s health as well as keeping up our work.

Luckily, we are IT

Already early on, the CEO issued an order not to take any more business trips and to switch to remote sessions instead. It goes without saying that we are looking for a good solution in the interest of our customers. Also, we want to thank you for your understanding and the possibility to keep in touch via video. Of course, we continue our projects and our work with the usual reliability and we still make sure, to wear our best shirt for you, even at home office.

At opesus, the option to do home office has already been practiced in everyday working life for years. It is to our advantage that not that much equipment is needed to do our job from almost anywhere and we are very thankful for that.

opesus product and poison centre notification conference 2020

The decision to redesign our product and poison centre notification conference in May 2020 was not an easy one. We would have loved to have the opportunity to personally meet and network with customers and partners in Frankfurt. But since it is not foreseeable how the situation will be, we play it safe and hold the conference as a webinar. We will certainly make the best of it and deliver an informative and successful conference at the end. Of course, we will keep you informed about the event.

Stay healthy

Despite the uncertainty and worry, we should not forget about the good things we have in our lives. A lot of knowledge has already been created around the Coronavirus and how to react to the thread. Many people are prepared to use this knowledge – on a large and small scale – for the benefit of society. We should also build on this personally. Of course, it is largely in our own hands how things develop.

We wish all our customers, partners, employees and their relatives, patience, positive energy and good luck in order to be able to accept the new challenges and make the best of the situation.

But the most important thing: stay healthy!