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Data Sharing in the Process Industry: Rules and Principles

There are a number of new REACH-like regulations worldwide, such as Türkiye KKDIK and Korean K-REACH. This number will most likely continue to grow. What does this mean for chemical companies?

This increase in REACH-like regulations demands not only more data, but also places a demand on sharing data among companies. For this reason, chemical companies must improve the way they manage and maintain data across regulations. A key part to efficient data management is to understand the underlying concepts of data sharing.

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Chemical registration online

KKDIK: A Strategic Approach

The deadlines for KKDIK registration have been extended. This makes it an opportune moment for businesses to evaluate their existing compliance process and strategize for the future. The extra time is valuable. It’s the best time to take proactive steps to streamline processes for registration and ensure a smoother transition.

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KKDIK: Extended Registration Deadlines Are Official!

The Regulation on Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction (“KKDIK”) in Türkiye (Regulation No. 30105) came into force on December 23rd, 2017. The competent authority in Türkiye is the Ministry of Environment Urbanization and Climate Change (MoEUCC).

The KKDIK Regulation established a transitional provision for registration where all substances manufactured or imported into Türkiye at 1 t/a or more had to be registered by December 31st, 2023.

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