KKDIK: A Strategic Approach

Chemical registration online

The deadlines for KKDIK registration have been extended. This makes it an opportune moment for businesses to evaluate their existing compliance process and strategize for the future. The extra time is valuable. It’s the best time to take proactive steps to streamline processes for registration and ensure a smoother transition.

What is the current situation in Türkiye (KKDIK)?

  • The deadlines for registration are officially postponed (2026, 2028 and 2030). See the announcement.
  • Pre-registrations should be performed as soon as possible. It is a mandatory requirement before being able to do the registration.
  • Lead registration dossier preparations and submissions are ongoing.
  • Letters of access (LoA) are becoming available, albeit slowly.
  • Co-registration activities have started but the inaccessibility of LoA’s is a barrier.

How to approach the KKDIK registrations?

Feeling uncertain about the next steps? Let's break it down:

1. Understand your company’s obligations to KKDIK compliance. We suggest starting with creating a compliance checklist. This checklist should outline the necessary tasks and documentation to fulfill KKDIK registrations.

You can take your checklist a step further by evaluating the implications and requirements associated with the KKDIK registration. See a sample checklist below:
  • Identify the substances that need to be registered in KKDIK and compile them in a list.
  • Check the volumes that you want to pre-register and register in KKDIK.
  • Submit pre-registrations to join the pre-SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum). Once in the pre-SIEF, form a SIEF with other companies registering the same substance.
  • In the SIEF, select the lead registrant and start the discussion and negotiations how to cooperate to develop the joint registration.
    • If you are appointed as lead registrant, you could look into a service such as LoA Market where you can upload your data and co-registrants can purchase the letter of access (LoA) directly off the platform.
    • If you are a joint registrant, make sure you purchased access to the data before submitting your registration to the KKDIK. A platform such as LoA Market makes it easy to search for data sets and obtain letters of access.
2. Evaluate your current process for substance registrations and how KKDIK registrations will fit into it. You can do this by asking yourself questions such as:
  • What’s different about the KKDIK registration process compared to existing registration processes? In comparison to existing registrations, how much more effort is required?
  • Which departments are involved?
  • Can my existing processes and resources support KKDIK registrations?
  • Do I have all the data points required in one place?
  • What other challenges do I have?
  • How can I reduce the manual tasks associated with registration? Is there software that can help me speed up the process and make it more efficient?

How Software Can Help Simplify KKDIK Compliance

With the postponed deadline, it is an ideal time to explore software solutions to facilitate your KKDIK registrations. Solutions such as opesus LoA Market and Registra can help simplify your KKDIK compliance journey. Let us show you how.

How does LoA Market help you?

On LoA Market, you can search and purchase letters of access. Or you can sell letters of access for others to purchase. LoA Market is the marketplace for owners of chemical registration data and companies that need rights to that data (http://www.loa-market.com/).

  • opesus shoulders the administrative burden by handling contracts, invoices, customer support, payment, LoA generation, & shipping.
  • There are no on-boarding costs for data providers. There is a fair and transparent service fee for buyers per purchased data package.
  • Easily upload and update data and collaborate with other data providers.

Prepare for REACH-like Registrations with opesus Registra

There has been an increasing number of REACH-like registrations such as Korea REACH and UK REACH. Thus, companies should ensure that their registration processes are scalable to meet these requirements. The amount of data and documents would continue to increase. So, having a single source of information is absolutely necessary.

Software, such as opesus Registra, can offer innovative solutions to help you manage your substance registrations. Opesus Registra is a centralized platform for worldwide chemical registrations. Not only will all your chemical registrations be in one place, but it also fosters internal and external collaboration.

Here's how you can empower your complete REACH-like registration process by using Registra:

  1. One place: Organize, store, and align data of chemical registrations centrally across legislation, departments, and users.
    • One accessible location: all data and documents are in one place, including tasks and responsible persons.
    • User-friendly interface: Navigate effortlessly through the compliance process.
  1. Work Smart: Automate and accelerate processes, leveraging essential data sources and AI.
    • Task automation: Streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and resources.
    • Automated data entry: Minimize errors and accelerate the documentation process.
    • Comprehensive reporting: Generate detailed reports for audits and reviews.
    • Essential data sources and AI
  1. Work together: Collaborate and facilitate alignment and knowledge sharing between users, teams, departments, external partners, and loa-market.com
    • Cross-functional collaboration: being able to share data and documents within the same company and external partners.
    • Task and project management tool between departments and external collaborators.

Conclusion: Prepare Today, Thrive Tomorrow

Take advantage of the extended KKDIK deadlines to look into improving your compliance process. As the regulatory compliance landscape becomes more complex, having the right tools in place is key. Gathering product compliance data is just one part of the compliance process. This can be very time-consuming. However, with the right software solution, this can be a breeze. Learn how product compliance software solutions can be the right investment for your business. Contact us today!

Ready to simplify KKDIK compliance? Contact us to explore the power of opesus Registra and LoA Market.