Announcement: New opesus Service “Yordas Regulatory Content Connector“ Available

Discrete manufacturers encounter significant challenges in ensuring that their products are compliant due to the lack of up-to-date regulatory list data in their product compliance software. In addition, regulatory requirements are increasing and becoming more and more complex (see Case Study Example). To solve this problem, opesus and Yordas Group have teamed up to combine the deep expertise of both companies to create a solution for SAP customers.The latest offering by opesus – Yordas Regulatory Content Connector – integrates the Yordas Hive, a comprehensive chemical regulatory database, for the first time directly with your SAP system. This solution helps businesses efficiently manage regulatory updates when using SAP Product Compliance applications.

About Yordas Regulatory Content Connector

Yordas Hive monitors and keeps regulatory lists up to date, which can then be imported into SAP Product Compliance applications via opesus Product Compliance Collaboration (PCC). PCC is a centralized hub designed to support collaboration with suppliers, service providers, customers, and authorities. This enables discrete manufacturers to efficiently check their product structure against the latest regulatory data en masse, saving time and effort while ensuring full compliance with regulations.

Integration of Regulatory Content in SAP

As soon as regulations are updated in Yordas Hive, new data can flow directly into your SAP system. Optional notifications help ensure regulatory changes are never missed. Additionally, all international regulatory texts are professionally translated, minimizing regulatory ambiguity.

Which Regulations Are Supported?

Yordas maintains data on 1500 global regulations including many relating to PFAS, batteries, waste, electronics, automotive, textiles, and more!Typical supported regulatory lists are:

  • in the EU: REACH-SVHC, RoHS, POP
  • in Asia: China RoHS, Korea RoHS
  • in the US: US TSCA, US California Proposition 65

The regulatory data is carefully processed and organized according to the precise format required by SAP product compliance applications. This facilitates seamless and effortless integration of regulatory data within your SAP system and all associated SAP-based applications.

For more info, see Automate Regulatory Content Updates in SAP Product Compliance or contact us!