Female Voices on Working in IT at opesus

Girls in IT

Not only on Girls' Day in ICT, but also in general, we think about the role of women in IT and what we like so much about our work at opesus. Here are some voices on working in IT as a woman, and, at opesus.


“Even though I've been privileged to have easy access to an education that allowed me to choose a career in STEM, knowingly entering a male-dominated field is intimidating, and not once, but many times during my studies I have doubted my place in the ICT field.

I believe it's crucial to advocate for equal access and online safety in order to encourage and empower girls who consider a career in STEM/ICT, because representation matters. Luckily, I had some strong female role models and encouragement to continue and found a great workplace environment where I feel safe and supported in my journey. Inclusion and diversity are very important for opesus and I am proud to be part of a company where everyone's voice is heard.”

France, office Timisoara


“At opesus, I've always liked the focus on equal rights and the high value placed on a balanced company culture. As a returning mum after parental leave, nothing better could have happened to me than to start at this IT Start-Up company. At opesus, people are hired exclusively on the basis of their qualifications and potential - and you can see that reflected in our team spirit. Because I've been with the company for a few years now, I'm particularly pleased to see that there are more and more women joining in. Since everyone is paid according to a transparent salary model that applies equally to everyone, our women don't have to worry about fairness in this regard either. I want to encourage all girls and women who are interested in the ICT field to follow their dream and don’t get scared away by obstacles that might be in your way. You are great the way you are and there are (a growing amount of) companies out there that are looking at you, your ideas, and your good work that you provide.”

Nina, office Augsburg


“I chose to pursue a career in STEM when I was in high school and at the time was ignorant to the obstacles that women face in the workplace. opesus has provided an environment that has made me feel respected and equal. I feel truly fortunate to work for a company that values the well-being of all its employees.

It is very encouraging for me to see the significant increase of women in STEM/ICT around the world. I am passionate about the need for women in traditionally male dominated fields. opesus has also shown that they share these values and have hired more women over the 4 years that I have been an employee. Having a diverse team, not only in terms on women, but also a variety of cultural backgrounds, creates a special dynamic and provides an added sense of creativity.

Women before us have paved the way for future generations to have opportunities and we will continue to do so. Girls that are currently considering a career in STEM have boundless careers ahead of them and I look forward to seeing more girls follow their dreams.”

Lauren, office Chicago