New Version of The Free opesus UFI Generator Available

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We have released a new version of the opesus UFI Generator for SAP EHSM customers. With the new version, Unique Form Identifiers (UFI) can be generated and stored automatically in SAP EHSM.

Unique Formula Identifier (UFI)

As part of product notifications according to CLP Article 45, the UFI will gradually become mandatory from 2020 onwards. The UFI is a unique code generated by the manufacturer or importer. The UFI must be included in the notifications to the Poisons Centres and in the safety data sheet. Additionally, it must be printed on the label.

More information about the UFI can be found on the ECHA website.

New SAP property “Poison Centers Notification (EU)”

On May 18th, SAP released the new standard property called “Poison Centers Notification (EU)”. This property can be used to store the UFI. When using the new standard property, the UFI is thus stored on the specification level.

Advantages of the opesus UFI Generator

The opesus UFI Generator contains a ruleset that generates valid UFIs and writes it into the new SAP property. Therefore, the process of data maintenance of UFIs can be largely automated.

All steps are carried out directly within SAP EHSM. There are no other web services to connect to.

The ruleset can be configured by various parameters. You can tailor the process for creating UFIs accordingly to customer-specific needs – e.g. by using another property for storage.

How to Get the opesus UFI Generator

The opesus UFI Generator is available to all SAP EHSM customers for free under the MIT license. You can request the UFI Generator via the contact form on this page. We will then send you the documentation and the software.